Do You Live By Guiding Principles for a Successful Life?

I live by  a set of Guiding Principles that have attributed to an enjoyable life that I would consider successful. They are simple and to the point but can have a huge impact on your career and personal life. I’d love to share them with you today.

12 Guiding Principles for a Successful Life

Attitude: Life is 90% attitude. It’s not what happens to you that is important; what matters is how you choose to respond.

Barriers: Barriers are only challenges—temporary roadblocks. They are tests of how true you are to your dreams. It’s life’s way of asking you, “How badly do you really want this?” You can pick up your marbles and go home or work around the roadblock.

Careers: Realize a career lies within a person, not within a company!

Change: It is no mere accident of fate that determines who will thrive on change. It is a process that is totally within your control

Comfort Zones: Get out of your comfort zone! Shake yourself up every once in awhile. Do something that truly challenges you. Purposely stretch and see what you are capable of accomplishing.

Goals: You are never too old to set goals and have dreams. You may be aging every year chronologically, but you don’t ever have to grow up in terms of feeling that you can’t change your mind or your course in life. You always have the opportunity to expand your horizons.

Lifelong Learning: With all the changes taking place today, we have to be lifelong students. Don’t ever lose the desire to learn and grow.

Possibilities: Look at life and work with a question mark, not a period. A period means stop; the end; there is no better way. But a question mark says there are possibilities and better ways of doing things. Look for new doors to open and find opportunities to problems.

Professionalism: Calling yourself a professional doesn’t automatically make it so. Being professional is a combination of many things: attitude, behavior, response to people and situations, appearance, ethics, skills, and more.

Responsibility: It’s your life. Quit waiting around for everyone else to take care of you. When life throws you a curve, don’t blame others or the system. Think of creative ways to deal with the curves, the changes, the twists and turns.

Self-management: Our thoughts are what get us into trouble. If you change your thoughts through self-management, you will change your response.

Uniqueness: Stand out and shine. Be different from the rest and don’t be ashamed that you are!

What principles do you live by? What are the beliefs that guide you each and every day? Our internal beliefs and values are the foundation of our life. Share your guiding principles by commenting on our blog for a chance to win access to the Mastering Exceptional Self Leadership Online Learning.

Share your guiding principles by commenting below for a chance to win access to the Mastering Exceptional Self Leadership online learning program.

Have a great week!


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