5 Easy & Effective Ways to Neutralize Information Overload

Are you stressed with how much information is out there, constantly at the ready to be consumed?

Are you suffering from information overload?

Here are 5 simple steps that will help you effectively “Neutralize Information Overload” today.

Step 1:   Don’t read everything that comes to you. You simply can’t absorb everything you think you need to know.  Once you admit that, you’ll be better able to prioritize, delegate, or ignore the information that comes your way.

Step 2:   Assess your information sources. Take a couple of hours deciding what sources of information are essential to your job. Weed out any publication, Web site, report or professional association information that isn’t of the highest quality.

Step 3:   Scan for information. When you open a publication, look through the table of contents first. Scan for topics and article summaries. Choose only articles or reports that you need to read. Don’t waste your time on information just because it’s mildly interesting to you. Stick to what’s important.

Step 4:   Use your highlighter. Once you commit to reading an article, highlight any information you want to refer to later. Discard/don’t save any article or report that doesn’t have any highlighted passages.

Step 5:   Be an example. If you don’t want to get bogged down by long e-mails or voice messages, keep your own messages short. Let others know that they should keep their information as concise as possible – and chastise them (nicely) when they don’t.



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