best time to give resignation when moving

Relocation: When is the best time to give your resignation


Is it possible to give notice of your resignation too soon?



Question: “I am planning to move out of state this summer. When would be the appropriate time to let my current employer know of my plans? I would like to give them enough notice so they can find a replacement, but I’m concerned that if I let them know sooner rather than later, they might replace me. I would like to work as much as I can.” – Nancy

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We’d love to hear from you! When is the best time to give your resignation in this scenario? What is your advice for other assistants in this position?  Share in the comments section below.

Our initial response to Nancy’s question “When is the best time to give your resignation when you are planning to move to another city”

  • You want to be certain that you’re move is 100% happening.
  • You want to have everything in order for your move. Including work arrangements if possible.
  • Give adequate notice to find a replacement without giving too much notice that you end up out of work too soon.
  • Offer to train a new hire to secure longer employment with your current organization.
  • Discuss the possibility of working remotely with your employer if at all possible (have a proposed plan ready to discuss your ideas).

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