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You’ve reached this page outside of a giveaway month. While there are no contests or giveaways going on, Joan Burge is celebrating her birthday until August 31 and is offering some great deals on administrative training and resources. Anyone who makes a purchase from the sale will be entered to win a gift basket. See sales and details here. We also have some great resources below.

Upcoming Events for Administrative Assistants

We love our events dedicated to administrative assistants and hold several a year. Our most popular is Administrative Professionals Week in April. Never miss another date. Subscribe to our list and receive pre-announcements and information on future administrative assistant giveaway opportunities straight to your inbox.

Free Webinars for Administrative Assistants

Many of the webinar topics you will discover are derived from Office Dynamics Founder and CEO, Joan Burge’s 50+ years as a former assistant. You also receive tips on how to navigate the ever-changing administrative assistant profession, insight on today’s top skillset for assistants, and resources to help you get started. Best of all, we’re giving away our webinars for free.

Free Assistant Training Videos

We are giving you access to more than 60 FREE educational videos for administrative professionals, presented by administrative expert Joan Burge! Discover videos on organizational skills, professional development, strategic partnerships, creating your career portfolio, and much, much more.

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