Administrative/Clerical: 5 Ways to Make Your Workspace an Oasis

If you have ever felt topsy-turvy working at your desk, it may be time to reevaluate your office setup. Administrative and clerical positions require focus, diligence, and superior workplace organization skills to keep the office running at full speed, but a workplace that feels impersonal or distracting can disrupt productivity and efficiency. Thankfully, your home doesn’t have to be your only sanctuary. With these five easy steps, you can transform your workspace into a professional oasis that fuels productivity and promotes relaxation.

The first step to achieving optimum workplace organization is to declutter your desk or room. Paperwork is part and parcel of being an administrative professional, clerk, or receptionist. While the constant flow of paperwork into your hands can’t be helped, you can take measures to limit the amount of paperwork that builds up around you. Optimize your desk by tackling documents and Post-it notes that take up precious surface space. Throw away old papers, empty boxes, crinkled notes, and dried-up pens. The purpose here isn’t to organize but to rid your workspace of items and belongings that you no longer use.

Workplace organization helps ease the burden of a busy day. Optimize your desk with organizers that store letterhead, a stapler, business cards, and other common office tools for easy access. File papers immediately instead of letting them linger, and assign each item on your desk to a designated spot. At the end of your shift, take a few minutes to organize loose papers and put objects back in their place, so your office will be ready for you the next day.

A clean workspace offers mental and physical clarity. Store individual wipes in a drawer for your hands and desk to maintain cleanliness and workplace organization. Dust furniture, remove sticky residue and stains from spilled food and drinks, and wipe down phones and keyboards. A clean, orderly office makes a positive impression on bosses and clients and ensures that long hours in the office won’t leave you feeling grimy.

Administrative tasks may not be particularly invigorating by nature, but that doesn’t mean your office has to look drab and boring. Liven up your desk with flowers and plants that break up the monotony of indoor work, attractive desk organizers that add a splash of color, and small bowls of potpourri that mask unpleasant office smells. Cover plain walls with lively paintings or nature photography to enhance your view. Decorative touches won’t affect workplace organization as long as they are arranged neatly.

For the finishing touch, infuse your office with comfort. Personal mementos and framed photos of family and friends can be comforting during stressful periods, and they make you feel at home. Extra cushions for your chair and a therapeutic eye pillow may help ease the strain of long hours answering phones, organizing files, and staring at computer screens.

When you spend many hours at work, primping your office and establishing workplace organization are well worth the time and effort. To create a work oasis that serves as a rejuvenating retreat from your administrative duties, declutter, organize, and clean your workspace. You can also incorporate decorative and comfortable elements to make it your own.

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