Administrative/Clerical: Online Options for Coordinating Schedules

Whether you need to keep track of client appointments, executive meetings, or employee shifts, you can take advantage of online calendar apps to make scheduling easier. Cloud-based calendar software is available in a variety of formats and styles to make it easy to find a tool that meets the needs of your company. How you will use your online scheduling program determines which one is the best for you.

If you are the person responsible for adding new events to the calendar, you may want software that gives you administrative control and updates other users when a new event is added. Alternatively, it may make more sense to have an open app that any authorized person can add to Google Calendar allows you to control which users can add or delete events and which can only view the schedule.

If you are creating a calendar that will be used by people who frequently travel, consider one that has a corresponding smartphone app. Multiple smartphone calendar apps are available—many for free, some costing just a few dollars. If your company issues iPhones, consider proprietary apps for that device. Some apps are compatible with any phone. Some smartphone apps will display alerts and reminders at a preset time before the next scheduled event. If you choose a tool that has both a smartphone and desktop component, make sure they can be synced to each other. Wi-Fi syncing may be the best option, because this allows new events added on one device to automatically populate on all your other devices.

For scheduling work time for employees, consider, which allows employees to trade shifts without management intervention. It also lets you display available shifts so they can be filled more quickly, even if you are scheduling for multiple locations. is a scheduling tool that lets you create events and invite participants who can then confirm their availability or decline the invitation. This makes it a good choice for collaborative settings and meetings for ongoing client projects.

Some calendar apps have integrated productivity tools to help users with time management and task prioritizing. For example, Doodle will automatically link a Google map to an event, ensuring that participants can find the destination easily. Other tools have built-in to-do lists that allow you to categorize each task and assign it a priority level.

Online scheduling tools can take the hassle out of managing meetings and work assignments for both large and small offices. Take technical considerations and your company’s needs into account when you choose a scheduling tool for your office.

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