The Fine Art of Persuasion



WEEK 22: The Fine Art Of Persuasion

Are you really getting what you want at work? Do you get the response you want from others? Can you convince people to change processes or their minds?  This week’s webinar is packed with information that will help you get more of what you want for a more fulfilling career. Join Joan Burge, Administrative Expert, as we wind down 26 Weeks to Administrative Excellence.   (4:30 MINS)


Welcome to week 22, The Fine Art of Persuasion. I hope you’re doing well and getting thru this program. Can you believe we’re already in week 22! I’m really proud of you and hope that you’re going to stay with me for four (4) more weeks.

Well, we have a great topic this week! This is an advanced competency that all administrative professionals need to learn, know and develop. You do have to know how to sell your idea; interestingly enough, a lot of administrative professionals don’t see themselves as sales people. They don’t think that selling is part of their job, but the truth is there are A LOT of things you can sell or persuade people on. I’m going to share a few of those ideas with you now.

First of all, if you want to be more influential in the work place, accelerate change, lead others, stream line processes and have an impact, this is one skill you’re going to have to devote time to develop. We have a wonderful article on our web site, that is free, called “Getting a YES!” This article lists multiple strategies on how to use persuasion skills and how to be persuasive because there are many pieces to it.

If you think about an artist palette, for a moment, and there are all these colors of paint. That artist is going to use those different colors and different intensities to create the picture they want. Well, if you think about your persuasion palette, it too has to include an array of things; from impact words to body language, the right timing, that person’s values, and beliefs and so on. You use those different intensities to be persuasive and make things happen in the work place.

The benefit to you is:

  • This could lead to greater career opportunities.
  • You “willed” influence because people believe you. When you’re persuasive people believe what you have to say.
  • You get more of what you need to get the job done.
  • You achieve your goals!

Some of the things I managed to accomplish in my administrative professional career came thru me being able to be persuasive. Just to name a few I received:

  • Title change
  • Salary Increase
  • I was able to develop a group called Star Achievers
  • I persuaded management to bring in training opportunities for our administrative assistants
  • I was able to get support to attend out of state seminars
  • Funding from a big corporation to start my Star Achievers group in Virginia Beach

If it happened for me, it can definitely happen for you; but it will require you to work at it. You will have to apply all the competencies we’ve discussed thru out this series and perfect them.

Activity for the week: Practice persuasion skills on your manager on something small. As you start to see success in this, you can branch out and begin on bigger projects! Have a great week!

Until Next Time…

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