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Assistant Recommended Apps for Productivity

Life is moving fast! Days at the office go by faster and faster. In the role of the office assistant, the more productive you are, the more useful you are! This really applies to all roles.

There are many tools at our fingertips that help to increase how productive we are. Apps are just one of these tools available (and often free).

After a conversation with a variety of assistants on an Officepal thread, I was inspired by the assistants recommendations and had some of my own I felt worthy of sharing.

A few apps for productivity that assistants are loving right now: AppHootsuite

Free with paid subscription options available. I love this tool on my desktop or on my phone because it helps me update every social media platform from one place, at one time. I can post photos, articles, schedule posts and determine what platforms I wish to share each post at. I could use this one all day long.


Free. Start remembering everything. Evernote lands a spot on nearly every “my favorite apps” list I read and this is why – it helps you capture, manage, store and most importantly remember everything! Powerful search tool and sync capability makes everything available on all of your devices.

CallPleaseCall Please

Free. Created by HBO Producer, Gregg Feinberg after becoming tired of the antiquated way of capturing notes he, with input from his assistants, worked with app developers to create an app that functions as one call log for the executive and the assistant (or entire team) to work with. This app allows for your manager to always have access to calls wherever they are as well which calls are urgent!

IFTTTIFTTT (If This Then That)

Free. Let’s get cookin! The recipes you create within this app will 1) be totally custom to what you need help with and 2) make things extremely simple. Here are a few examples from within this tool (you can also access your account from your desktop at There are 78 different channels to choose from so your recipe options are many!


Free – $4.99. TinyScan turns your iPhone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With TinyScan, you can scan your documents at anywhere and store or email them as PDF files. I upgraded to paid version of this app because it helps me capture receipts by scanning them and emailing them in as soon as I make a purchase. If you’re like me you have worked with a person who needs a little extra help wrangling their receipts after every business trip they take. With Tinyscan the repeat offender can now take a quick picture of their receipt from the app and email to you instantly. Or they can take several pictures and send a multipage document to you with the entire trips receipts collected.

CardMunchLinkedIn Card Munch

Free. I network a lot and I always come back to the office with a ton of business cards. I hate to throw them away because I often need to refer to those contacts in the months to come. Card Munch allows the user to convert business cards into contacts on LinkedIn. Also has a section for recently added cards for quick access (for those who might do a lot of networking – guilty).


Free. I love this app, especially when handling live events. Rather than hop from text to text, you can have every member of the group in one place on one message stream. There is a capability to DM one person within the app which is also really helpful if you don’t have all group members’ cell phone numbers. You can share photos, videos, and even collect donations from within the app. I’m using this app a lot this week as we host an event – even when I’m not on site I know what’s going on when all communications are shared through this app.

swift key noteSwiftKey Note

Free. A “a must-have for taking notes.” Increase your productivity with this app and take notes on the fly. The app learns your patterns quickly and is “amazingly swift.” This app magically predicts your next word which is a great addition to your phone or tablet for even faster note-taking or typing on your device.

Assistants, what are your favorite apps?

Whether it is an app for productivity or otherwise, do you have an app that helps you take your administrative savvy to a whole new level? Please share!


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