The Attitude That Makes Every Day Worthwhile

What’s your attitude look like today?

I’m taking a break from writing the weekly Monday Motivators to nurture my Wellness Pillar. Thank you for understanding and it is my hope you’ll enjoy today’s throwback message.

It only takes one obstacle in an otherwise perfect day to make you feel less-than-your-best. Especially in these hectic times, when every employee is pressed to achieve more in less time with fewer resources, a single hiccup can make you feel like everything is in upheaval.

Let’s face it: Instability or chaos of one form or another is everywhere. We cannot control that. But we can control our attitudes. We can control how we choose to respond to a negative situation.

It’s easy to respond negatively to a problem, of course. The key to success (and the challenge for top performers) is to see the positive in every troublesome issue, and turn obstacles on their head so we benefit in some way.

Say you walked into the office this morning, and you were feeling great. Better than great – fantastic! You woke up in a splendid mood. All your favorite songs were playing on the radio on your ride into work. You were looking sharp in a new outfit. Everything was going your way.

But as soon as you stepped foot into the doorway of our department, a colleague approached you with a last-minute report for you to finish, a supervisor called you into her office to urge you to pick up your productivity, and your son rang your cell phone to say he forgot his lunch.

Could you smile and make the best of it?

Being positive when you’re in a tough spot is a skill we can all benefit from developing.

Here’s a quick exercise: Think of at least three recent situations where your mood (attitude) changed from good to bad because of outside influences. How could you have helped avoid that from happening?

Remember: You do have a choice. So next time you find yourself facing a challenge, choose to find the positive in the negative. It’s a success skill we never outgrow.


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