BIG Action Begins With An Action Plan

This week’s Monday Motivator is written by Jasmine Freeman, Vice President and Chief Executive Assistant to Joan Burge.

Hello, Monday Motivators!

Joan declared 2014 to be the year of BIG! Each month she’s taken a different topic and shared its importance to living your BIG life in her Monday Motivators. This month, the focus is on ACTION.

When you think about your BIG dreams and goals in each of the 5 pillars you likely have at least one goal in each of those areas of your life. I know I have several! Yet, speaking to you today about action and having an action plan has been a daunting task for me. I personally feel lost in a few of my own pillars right now. How can I possibly give advice to others?

Realistically the reason I feel lost is because I haven’t been sticking to the action plan I laid out for myself. Our family is on a mission to become debt free. We started this journey in January 2013 and we were making really good progress. We planned to be completely debt free (student loans, cars, credit cards) by April 2014. Well, April came and went and while we had gotten closer to our goal we backslid and found ourselves pretty far away again. Our action plan looked somewhat like this:

  1. Assess the situation. What do we owe, who are we paying off first, what are the interest rates?
  2. Write a monthly budget.
  3. Stick to our plan. If something isn’t realistic in our budget, repeat these steps.

I got angry with myself for being careless with my pillars. After all, I should know better. I’ve spent more than the last two years immersed in nurturing my pillars with daily pillar huddles and researching and soaking in new information on why and how to make big life changes for the better.

“Education without implementation is just entertainment.”

I could blame other sources – I was busy, I was tired, I was sidetracked. The reality of the situation is that things happened or didn’t happen because I did or didn’t follow my action plan. I got off track. Sometimes I would do steps one and two but several months in row I skipped step three. That was a crucial step.

I have a challenge for you today. What’s holding you back from achieving your BIG goals right now? What are the steps you need to take to accomplish your goal? Write an action plan by breaking the steps down into actions you need to take, one-by-one. Work your plan one action point at a time. It’s not going to be a cake walk – life does get in the way. That’s when we need to use the foundation competencies of the 5 Pillars that Joan talks so strongly about, having a good attitude, staying power through rough times, courage to do what’s right, taking a leap of faith, being a warrior for your cause.

No more “I’d be there by now if…” negative self-talk. I’m ready to stop beating myself up for the missteps in my past. I’m ready to recommit and move forward – are you?

Catch up on the BIG Year in Monday Motivators at the blog where every week has been archived for you here.



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