BIG Energy Is Required In Today’s Workplace

Embracing and pushing out BIG energy spoke to me more than ever last week. It was a very important week for Office Dynamics International and our staff. We had 3 massive projects that we had been working on for months and all had a deadline date of February 25. On February 25, all 3 collided at once and little kinks had to be worked out—these were not due to our inefficiencies but rather mishaps we could not control. We had to react within minutes, numerous times, throughout the entire day. If that were not enough, my Outlook at the office was not cooperating and did not for two days!


I was working between multiple devices: cell phone, iPad and the “backdoor” to our email system. At one point, I was talking to someone important on a land line, my cell phone was ringing with a call I had been waiting for, and a staff person was in my office needing an immediate answer from me. This intense pace lasted for two full days. This was beyond our typical crazy day—we have those often.


It took BIG energy on my part to get through it and turn things around; it took huge energy on my staff’s part to chime in and immediately respond minute by minute. Yes, it was a very exciting 2 days for us and we finally have the calm. I am proud of my team and myself that we mustered up BIG energy to do what was necessary. I am certain your workplace is not different than ours as I have been in hundreds of offices over 23 years and every single one of them moves at warp speed. As an employee, you need sufficient energy reserves to meet the demands at work. To accomplish that, you need to do the following on a regular basis.


Look at how the different elements in your life interact: home/relationships/health/work.


If your personal life isn’t in order, it’s harder to focus on your projects at work. If you are financially struggling, that will pull at you. Relationship issues or heartaches distract us during the day. Even the best of us have a hard time shutting it out.


What about your health? Are you in good health? Do you eat balanced meals or are you always on the run grabbing fast food? Do you have some type of exercise routine, even it’s just taking a walk every day? When you don’t feel good physically, your ability to handle the challenges of work is diminished. You may be less tolerant of difficult situations and people.


It’s even bigger than you not just feeling good. It’s looking at the foods you eat throughout the day. I am always amazed when I am at a large organization teaching full-day workshops and during lunch, my contact takes me to the company cafeteria. These are like walking into a buffet in Las Vegas. Yes, there is the ‘healthy’ section but I see a lot of employees fill their plates with mashed potatoes or French fries, turkey and gravy and feast on dessert. And then these people wonder why they are tired at 2:00 p.m.? Well, look what you just ate! It’s no wonder.


If you do not get a good night’s rest, it will affect your ability to focus and be clear the next day at work. Breakfast—do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you eat for breakfast?


I’m not trying to act like a ‘mother hen’; I personally know the benefits of looking at the elements of my life and making a commitment to healthy habits. I have specially focused on this the past 3 years and there is a huge difference in my ability to tackle just about anything.


I want you to have that same BIG energy. It will make your life so much better!


Your Assignment:

  1. If your personal life is in disarray, make a commitment to get your personal life in order.
  2. Have a plan and stick to it.
  3. Set goals for physical health as well as mental health. Commit to healthy habits: balanced meals, plenty of sleep, regular exercise.
  4. Be courageous at work and don’t cave in to foods that are going to affect your performance just because your friends are eating them. This doesn’t mean you should not have a piece of birthday cake once and a while. You just don’t want to make a daily habit.
  5. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water during the day at work. Sometimes when we think we are tired, we actually are dehydrated.

Just imagine . . . more physical and mental energy during your day that will transcend over to your evening and weekends.



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