Career Decisions

Happy Monday!

Throughout your career, you will have to make decisions. Decisions about whether to take a promotion, move to a more interesting but lateral position, move to a new location, start a new career or take a position in a new geographic location within the same company.

Key questions to ask yourself when making a career decision include:

1.     Am I qualified or could I become qualified?

2.     Am I physically, mentally, and emotionally ready?

3.     Do I like where I am in my life?

4.     Can I handle the demands, i.e., time, training?

5.     Is this a stepping stone or a dead end?

Moving up or changing jobs isn’t always the answer. Some people are happy with their coworkers but don’t feel challenged by the work they perform. Other people love their work but dislike the environment. What are some options an individual can consider?

1.     Become a mentor to a new employee.

2.     Cross-train.

3.     Be patient.

4.     Suggest activities you’d like to take on to your manager.

5.     Present an unsolicited project.

6.     Make a real effort to get to know your coworkers.

7.     Insert yourself into your own projects.

For more on this subject and my ideas about retirement watch this week’s Monday Motivator Video on YouTube.


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