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Creating – Your Path for Personal Excellence

(Dan Lier, America’s Coach)

This is a recap of Dan’s session at our Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence.

Dan Lier leaped onto the stage, full of energy, vitality, humor, and wisdom. “I’m going to give you four tools to help you succeed,” he told the conference participants.

1) Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Life

A belief is a feeling of certainty. Dan shared a true story about Roger Bannister, a runner who broke the 4-minute mile in 1954 when it was believed humans could not run that fast. Within one year many others ran it, too, because there was “social proof” – if he can do it, I can do it.

Dan told us we’ll never out produce or out-perform our own belief system. Your beliefs will drive your behavior. Whatever you believe right now about yourself is true for you, right now.

• Empowering beliefs: lift you to new levels. “People love me” and “I can do it”

• Disempowering beliefs: “I’m too tall/too short.” “I don’t have time”

You’ll find a reason to support your truths.

Each of us can change a belief “now” by acting “as if” which is a strategy where you act as if you are the person you really want to be. Creating references to that person will bring those things true for you.

2. Turn Challenges into Opportunities for Growth

Your brain answers every question you ask yourself. “Why” questions paralyze and are negative. These words create an “I’m stuck” feeling.

Instead, ask “How” or “What” questions. They are positive and move us toward action and improvement. “How can I use this to make me stronger?” “How can I use this to make me a better ___?” “What’s great about this?”

There is always a way to be confident!

3. How to Create and Maintain a Winning Attitude

Your attitude is a choice, a decision each of us makes daily.

For fun, and to gain personal awareness, measure your attitude on a scale of 0-10, each day. 0 is “comatose” and 10 is “I’m on fire, baby!”

People like to be with, and do business with, people who make them feel good. It’s the Law of Attraction: you attract things (and people) most like yourself, to you.

Remember you get out of life what you put into it.

4. Think about how you are to others.

Law of Association: people make instant associations about us based on our attitudes.

Develop a greeting strategy that is always positive and cheerful. Who wants to hang around someone who’s always an Eeyore?

Leave Your Baggage: people don’t want to hear about your challenges. It creates poor associations about you in their minds. So when you arrive at the door to your company, mentally “drop your baggage” from home and personal life, at the door. Be positive, professional and cheerful throughout the day as you work.

Dan summarized creating personal excellence by saying:

  • Just be YOUR best.
  • Action separates the Doers from the Takers.
  • No man’s land is not a good place because you don’t do anything to change your life or career.
  • Should Zone: “I really ‘should’ get to the gym…” “I really ‘should’ stop smoking…” These people ‘should’ all over themselves!
  • Change ‘Should’ to ‘Must’ in your vocabulary because doing so will raise your standards. “I MUST get to the gym,” “I MUST quit smoking.”
  • How do we change from should to must? Think “SAS” Something At Stake. Consider what is at stake in the situation, and ask yourself, “What is at stake FOR ME?”

Dan closed by describing his many available resources: books, DVDs and CDs on topics ranging from success, communication, parenting, relationships, attitude, marketing, personal value and integrity. He received a huge round of applause for his exceptional presentation and winning attitude. What an upbeat segment of the conference!

Afterward, people swarmed his resource table, eager to learn more about developing personal excellence in their career and personal lives.

Throughout the rest of the conference, attendees could be heard saying, “I’m on fire, baby!” a la Dan Lier!


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