Eliminate Energy-Draining People From Your Life

Quick question: Who drains you? Who are the people at home and at work who seem to zap your energy, kill your dreams, make you feel “less than,” or cause you to have self-doubt? Whoever those people are, you need to limit the time you spend with them or completely eliminate them from your life.

Now, think of the people who energize you; stimulate your thinking; make you laugh; challenge you to be a better person. How do you feel after you have spent time with that person on the phone, in person, or via Facetime?

You must expend energy in both of the situations above. It takes energy to listen to the naysayer, nagger or complainer. The problem is that they pull from your energy and you often feel depleted after being around these people. This can affect the next action you take or your attitude. You must protect yourself from these people at all costs. You will lose focus, creativity, productivity, and enthusiasm.

Surround yourself with people whereby you feed off each other’s energy ending with a sense of fulfillment. Right now, I can think of several people I surround myself with who increase my energy or just make me feel good after I have been with them or hung up the phone or ended our Facetime call. These people do have challenges and frustrations just like me but we laugh about our situations or support each other in a way that creates a win-win.

As you go through your work week, be alert to the people who take your energy away (even if just a little) and those who spark your energy or make you feel great. The good news is we get to choose who we want to hang around with—who we want in our life. Make wise choices.

Wishing you an awesome week! Please be sure to read all the March Motivators on BIG Energy.


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