How does an executive assistant maintain job security?

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I meet many high-achieving executive assistants who are very content. They are at the top of the administrative career ladder in their company, make a really nice salary, like their executive and have their job down pat. But is that sufficient?

While a person works hard to build a reputation and “arrive” at the career level they want, they must maintain that status. Two years ago, we asked our 240+ administrative conference attendees why they chose the Office Dynamics Conference for Administrative Excellence. 97% percent said because of Joan Burge and Office Dynamicsreputation. Wow! I was excited and I thought, “It took me more than 20 years to build that reputation.” Then I remembered that for us to stay on the top and continue to be the leader in administrative training and development, we had not only maintained that reputation but challenged ourselves to go to the next level, year-after-year.

It’s amazing to me how many assistants think they can just “coast.” In today’s world, if you coast, you will get run over. Even if you have “arrived” and are just killing time until retirement, don’t assume your job will be there tomorrow or your personal circumstances won’t change. I’ve witnessed a CEO booted from their job and their executive assistant booted out of her job right along with him, with little-to-no warning. I implore you to learn and grow on a regular basis. Invest in yourself. It will be the best investment you will ever make.

Typically I would end this with “good luck” but it isn’t just about luck; you have to commit to being a life-long student. You have to have a plan, do the work and put in the time. You have to be engaged. When you do, your personal and professional life will flourish.

Speaking of continued learning – check out this video! It’s an excellent idea for continued learning and it will melt your heart! Senior Citizens lending their time to help Brazilian students learn English. A creative idea that lends a benefit to both parties involved.

I’d love to hear from you – how does an executive assistant maintain job security?

Joan Burge


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