Executive Assistant Training Can Be Fun! iAssistant Rap

Who says training has to be boring? Mundane? Training can and should be fun. It should not be boring and laborious. We actually learn and retain more information when we are engaged in the learning process. Good training encourages creativity, imagination, exploration and stepping outside your comfort zone. It should be participant-centered with some lecture. It should provide opportunities for learners to share ideas and experiences. It should incorporate ample opportunity for skill practice. That is why live sessions are so terrific, especially for interpersonal/soft skill training.

I have been designing and conducting training programs for executive assistants and administrative professionals for 22 years. In all my classes, workshops, conferences, and seminars – whether they are one hour or three days long, I encourage creativity and fun. As you can see in this video, this team of two was very creative in talking about marketing yourself.

I take training seriously and get to the “meat” of the content. I know it is a big investment for the organization and the participant. And, I provide lots of opportunities for attendees to have fun. A six-hour day in training should feel like you were gone one hour if it was a great program and the facilitator knew what methods to use for adult learners.

Confucius said:

What I hear, I forget;

What I see, I remember;

But what I do, I understand.

That is so true. I’ve witnessed thousands of administrative professionals grow and change behaviors because they were engaged in the learning experience.

Be sure to thoroughly check out a facilitator’s credentials and experience in adult learning before making any big financial investment. Holding a workshop is not the same as knowing how to create behavior change in an individual.

Joan Burge


iAssistant Rap Video – Star Achievement Series



Star Achievement is also about not dimming your light. It’s about showing up and really shining, being who you were meant to be and not hiding your talents because you are embarrassed or afraid. Kudos to this courage trainer who was willing to get silly and show off her fun and creative side in class and for giving us all a great laugh.

To hear more about stepping into your greatness, catch our recent Pillar Huddle on the topic. Huddle discussion was based on the original blog post from Positively Positive.


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