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Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day

Finding the perfect gift for your administrative assistant can be a daunting task since flowers and lunch no longer cut it. Today’s executive or administrative assistant wants a gift that is long-lasting. You might be thinking…. what about a cool coffee mug? Or what about a travel business tote or beautiful Levenger notepad and pen? Maybe you were considering a gift certificate to your assistant’s favorite restaurant or spa.

While those might be lovely gifts, they don’t really have the same impact as the gift of education. And the gift of education does not come easy or often for your assistant. In fact, thousands of administrative assistants will never attend an in-depth training program, conference, or take an online course because his or her company won’t pay for it. How sad is that when you consider organizations will easily fund training for their executives and managers? Yet, the administrative assistants who support them every day, rarely let them down and give with their heart, get little training.

If you want to be a stand-out executive with your assistant, I highly recommend giving one of the following gifts for Administrative Professionals Day or Week:


If you’re an administrative professional, please leave a comment below and let the world know what you would like for Administrative Professionals Day!


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44 thoughts on “Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day”

  1. I am grateful for the many bosses I had over the years who supported my drive for self-improvement and continuing my education. They were fabulous in their acceptance of the challenges I set for myself! I have pages of workshops and training I attended – even some that I ended up presenting for others! I even have my Masters degree through the support of one of them. He knew that I would do my job and become even better at it, so on I went!

  2. I am not an Executive (yet!!) however, as an Administrative assistant one of these would be an amazing gift to receive.

  3. I love this! The gift of education is one that helps your assistant to grow but more importantly it is a gift that will go with them for the rest of their lives!

  4. I love getting a “thank you” from all of the staff when it seems I have a thankless job. I always bring in bagels and fruit for the entire staff to celebrate them as well on Administrative Assistants Day. I normally receive flowers and the staff pulls together for a gift card, which is nice.

  5. Great ideas. Who wants a coffee mug every year. A couple of bosses I had would take me to lunch. Other things over the years included flowers. I like Practical things best.

  6. I love the ideas presented here. At my company we still get the flowers/plant and lunch, but at least we are acknowledged.

  7. Debbie Woodfine

    great idea to have Professional Development be a gift for Admins.
    I am hoping to get an approval for the conference in Florida.
    Will let you know if that happens

  8. I believe that all administrative assistants on all levels should get recognition on the day – me personally I gift the administrative assistants that work within my group and I’m not their manager…it makes you work happier and just makes you feel appreciated, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  9. As a pre-revenue company, I have had discussions regarding the Oct. Conference, – which I would of course love to attend! My CEO and I have a good relationship, it’s growing in trust, and we do a funny thing.. if I think he’s done well on something (jokingly of course) I’ll give him a high 5, and he vica versa. I know he appreciates me, he tells me often – and that means a lot.

  10. I think here we get forgotten usually…. I would love for my executive to approve me to attend an administrative conference of my choice. The ultimate would be the opportunity to attend the World Class Assistant Program.

    And to have ongoing professional development support….

  11. Many times people love the opportunity to be appreciated at all times. Anything that will enhance ones skills, allows opportunity for growth. This was a excellent blog.

  12. Im surprised when this day isnt acknowledged by some managers. My fave gifts are training resources or conference.

    1. I’m going too! Want to connect? Find me on linkedIn. It would be fun to have a bunch of us get together for dinner/drinks the night before!!

  13. Courtney Kloehn

    I always treat my team to lunch and then find a new book that we can all read together over the next several months and share our thoughts on at our monthly department meetings (similar to a book club). They really have appreciated this the past five years or so, so I continue the tradition 🙂 I am excited this year as we are trying a new café in town for our lunch!

      1. Hi Patti. I have “Who Moved My Pen…Again?,” by Joan Burge, and “The Innovative Admin,” and “The Organized Admin” by Julie Perrine. John Maxwell’s books are great as well.

        Of course, any of Joan’s books are awesome. I need to stock my shelves with more!

    1. Debbie Woodfine

      Love this idea. You show appreciation and get to know each Admin personally by discussing their thought on the topic you read! Bravo!

  14. The In depth World Class Assistant Certification and Professional Designation Program would be the ideal gift!

  15. Alexandra McCoy

    As an Administrative Assistant I would love to be respected more, also be giving the opportunity to work in all of the skills that I am blessed with, and to show my full potential.

  16. I, too, appreciate any type of gift and work for a generous company that supports on-going education. So, if I had to choose, I would gladly take a gift card (although the spa day suggestion is tempting, too!).

  17. I would love the opportunity to attend your conference in October or participate in the World Class Assistant program.

  18. The opportunity to personally meet Joan Burge would be the ultimate gift to me! Unfortunately, the date of the 24th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence didn’t work for my schedule this year. 🙁

  19. Gifts are great, and I appreciate them when I receive them, but I would rather be recognized with a certificate of appreciation, or a Making a Difference Award, or something long those lines. Just to know that I am appreciated means more than a basket of flowers or lunch on the town.

  20. Yes, flowers, mugs, gift cards are nice but nothing compares to having the opportunity to attend an educational conference once a year!

    1. Count me in Melissa. Reading your reply just refreshes my own thoughts that like most of my peers, we truly are motivated to fulfill our potential. Our desire to learn and grow is reflected in the opportunity to attend an educational conference. I truly love fresh flowers and gift cards, yet as Melissa points out nothing compares to attending an educational conference!

  21. The gift of being able to attend the 24th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence would be amazing! I have wanted to attend that for several years, but my company won’t pay for such an expense.

  22. While the gifts you list are all terrific..I personally would love a certificate to a spa…I get to have training, etc, but need a day to relax!

  23. Sharon Chaplain

    My supervisor and I have been talking about how little opportunity we have to get up and move around during the day. I’d actually appreciate a book or video on stretches and exercises you can do at work to get the blood flowing and give you a break from the computer.

  24. I don’t think that gifts are appropriate. I would rather be treated with respect and appreciation all year long rather than just a lunch once a year because its Admin Week.

    1. Sheila, I agree with you that the respect and a collegial environment is so important year round. In my public school district other positions (teachers, counselors, food service workers, etc.) are recognized for their contributions to education during specific weeks so it is nice for admin staff to be included as well.

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