How To Practice Good Business Card Etiquette

I’m preparing to attend and present at the Admin Pro Forum event in Orlando, Florida next week. It reminded me that when we attend a major conference we have the opportunity to meet so many great people. We will be exchanging quite a few business cards at this upcoming event.
Did you know there are etiquette rules for giving and receiving cards? It’s true! Here are a few pointers that can be helpful when you are networking and meeting people:

  • Treat your business card as a representation of you. I suggest getting a business card case. First, it’s an attractive container for your cards. Second, it will protect them from smudges, bending or having a dog-eared look – which can leave a less-than-best impression.
  • Treat others’ cards as a representation of them. Receive the card. Take a moment to look at it carefully. Try to remember the person’s first name. Make a positive comment if the card is designed well. Store it carefully.
  • Avoid writing on business cards. It may be tempting to jot down a few notes on the front or back of cards you receive so you can remember what you discussed with the person. Don’t, if you can help it! If business cards represent people, then writing on them can leave a bad impression. It is an insult to do so in some cultures – the equivalent of writing on a person’s face (really!).
  • Hand over your card with purpose. Be sure the printed information on the card faces the other person (in other words, it’s upside-down to you). Some people exchange cards as if it is not an occasion to be remembered. Try to make your card exchange memorable!

There are many books that discuss this etiquette point. I hope these brief refreshers help you to network even more effectively and with even better results!

Will we see you at the Admin Pro event next week? Comment below and let us know.
Joan Burge

Founder and CEO

“Cherish your human connections.” – Barbara Bush



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