Gratitude Project

One of our favorite things is the “Daily Huddle.” Our team gets together briefly each morning to talk about one of our 5 Pillars or a foundational element to the Pillars. We build upon the strength of each Pillar with these resources by educating ourselves, exercises and open discussion.

We try to capture those huddles by recording them and sharing some highlights.

We’ve had some phenomenal huddles as we’ve been winding down the year. It’s been a really peaceful way to end our year as a team by talking about gratitude and the power this practice of being grateful holds. It’s a foundational element to Living our BIG lives and nurturing our 5 pillars.

I encourage you to listen to our huddle and to try one of the activities we’ve experienced this week.




Gratitude Assessment

The first activity is a Gratitude Assessment. You can do this alone but it’s way more fun with a friend. We used the assessment as our huddle point one day. We filled out the sheet and then shared with the team at least one answer from each area. It felt great to share and speak it out loud. How many times do we forget what we love about ourselves? This practice asked specific questions and we gave answers that meant something to us. (Download your copy by clicking here.)

One question asked, “What is special about your home?”
I was extremely grateful to have a home and that it’s a safe and special place for my family.

Gratitude Project

The second activity I encourage you to experience is the Gratitude Project. I was inspired when I watched this video.


The responses were also pretty cool. I love seeing people express their gratitude!



In the huddle, I asked my team to assess their own happiness levels. Then I had them think of someone who has influenced their own lives. They wrote their letters and then they got to watch the above videos. I told them they get to call the person who has positively influenced their life. And we did! We recorded the calls and we look forward to sharing those in the New Year.


After we made our calls we assessed our happiness and you know what – it worked! We were all happier after the exercise. But the coolest part wasn’t how happy we were. The best part of the whole thing was how the people responded to our calls. Everyone was emotional. The recipients were so honored to receive our calls of gratitude. They were even influenced by us to do the same thing.

Wouldn’t it be cool to keep theme of gratitude throughout our lives? Join us in making the world a happier place and being a happier person by practicing gratitude each day. Share what you are doing to show your gratitude. Post pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag them #gratitudeproject.


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