Happy Administrative Professionals Day!


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28 thoughts on “Happy Administrative Professionals Day!”

  1. I enjoy so many things about being an administrative professional! Two of the main aspects (I think they go hand in hand) are definitely the 1) variety of tasks and 2) the wide open opportunities this profession affords. Over the course of the [almost] 18 years I’ve been with my company, my job description and day-to-day responsibilities have changed dramatically and what a great adventure it’s been! Another facet of my job that warms my heart is the trust my executives place in me. There is no substitute for this privilege and I don’t take it for granted.

  2. Happy Administrative Professionals to all!

    I agree with all that’s been written here. Joan: thank you and your staff for your strong example. It is very encouraging and uplifting.

  3. I love ….
    1) working with assistants from all over the world. It is very diversified.
    2) attending the VP staff meetings
    3) putting together international travel …. planes, trains and automobiles.

    I especially LOVE when admins come together as a team and make it happen. It isn’t about just the quarterback, you need the tight end, the kicker, etc. It is all about TEAMWORK!

  4. Thank you for the wealth of information that Office Dynamics provides all of us.

    Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

  5. Winifred Cummings



    Thanks to Joan, Brian and others at Office Dynamics for the training and encouraging words.


  6. Thank you Joan for all of your support, tips, and words of wisdom you share with us throughout the year! We appreciate you and your team!

  7. Sandy Stotesbury, CAP-OM

    You have always been such an inspiration – and I admire you for all you have accomplished and all you stand for. Thank you for continuing to be such a leading force for our profession – one that I have been a part of for over 30 years!
    What do I love most about this profession? The challenges and the people – I have worked for some not so good and some wonderful individuals. Thankfully the wonderful has greatly outweighed the not so good and I have not had one so horrible that I ever seriously considered leaving the profession. The challenges have all been opportunities for growth and learning – and I consider myself to be very blessed to be an Administrative Professional!

  8. Today is doubly special. Not only is it Administrative Professionals Day, but I will be receiving my 20 Year Service Award from the CEO of our company (my 20th year was completed last September 8th). Nervous and excited. Many people can’t understand how much I truly L-O-V-E my job! I have worked all 20+ years for the same person. It means so much to me how much trust she has in me and a lot of the time defers to me for decisions. Happy AP Day to everyone!!

    1. Wow Lydia! This is a special day. 20 years with the same person. I can’t imagine that as I’ve never experienced it. Congratulations and wishing you much success in your future.

  9. Happy Administrative Professionals Day to you all!
    Thanks Joan for all the wonderful tips and for all the poistive and professional encouragement.

  10. Dear Joan,

    I appreciate all your heartfelt and powerful efforts to empower, encourage, inspire and coach administrative professionals.

    Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

    With gratitude.

  11. Thank you Brian, Joan and all the staff there at OD. It’s nice to have someone recognize what we do for a living. Have a wonderful day.

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