Hired, then abandoned–how to become part of the team?

This month’s question from our friends at The Admin Pro Forum is from Maddy who is struggling to become part of the team at her new office.

Take a moment to read her question and let us know what you think in the comments of this blog.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar scenario? What did you do?

Question: “I was really looking forward to working for the company that hired me a few weeks ago, but right away I got the sense that no one was very interested in making me feel like I was a valued part of a team. I wasn’t introduced to anyone but my boss, and no one sitting near me has introduced themselves. I won’t be working with them directly, but it still feels uncomfortable to go into work each day with strangers who seem to want to remain strangers. What course of action would you recommend to a person who’s shy and doesn’t want to walk around telling people who I am?” – Maddy, Customer Relations

It’s your turn to chime in and offer up your helpful solutions to Maddy. How can she get plugged in?

Find more comments to Maddy’s question and other questions like this from your administrative peers here: Business Management Daily.

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