How do you make yourself more assertive?

This is a posted question from Business Management Daily‘s Admin Pro Forum that has been shared with permission. 

Question: “I’ve heard many times from colleagues and people close to me that I’m just not assertive enough to really get ahead and achieve the things I want. But this is the way I’ve been all my life and I’m not sure I can change. Does anyone know some good first steps to try?” – Mercedes, Fashion Assistant

When this question was originally posted at Admin Pro Forum several assistants chimed in with their replies and advice for Mercedes on how to be more assertive with suggestions such as scheduling one-on-one time with their executives to get to know their goals to getting down to the heart of knowing what we really want and being courageous about going for it.

We’ve written a more than a few articles on this subject as well that we can share here and we encourage you to reply in the comments below for Mercedes as well as any assistant who finds themselves looking for answers, tips, and tools on “how to make yourself more assertive.”

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