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Katrien B asks:

We are a start-up company with offices in EMEA and in the US. In EMEA (HQ) we have 2 EA’s and in the US 3.

As EA we encounter numerous challenges in working together due to different times zones, but we do our best to let our executives shine.

I would like to develop a strong EA group in the company as I believe this is important to our role, our business, as well as to our own professional and personal growth.

We should be able to build a relationship of trust, help each other with a servant’s heart (as we do towards our execs) and show the importance of our role.

To enhance good collaboration and communication I set up virtual coffee meetings with all EA’s.

The first meeting was good as a “get to know each other better in an informal way” although one EA did not find it important to attend.

For our second meeting, there are no topics…
I prefer not to cancel the meetings as that may seem as if they are not important.

How can I stimulate other EA’s to be more active and communicative?

How can I build a relationship of trust and understanding with them?

Due to different communication styles and cultural differences misunderstandings happen. EA’s in EMEA (as I am) often feel bad because of the language style of our peers in the US. Some do not feel the same way about the EA role.

How can I make other EA’s aware of the importance of our role during this virtual coffee?

How can I stimulate them to attend? 

It saddens me that some don’t care.

Please share your thoughts and advice in the comments below.

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