Joan’s Naughty and Nice List for Assistants


During a Facebook Live event Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, had discussed her Naughty and Nice List for Assistants. This discussion highlighted many great things that can be practiced in the office as well as actions that should be avoided. In the middle of the live stream, Joan asked the viewers to give her some examples of naughty behavior practiced in the office as well as some nice behaviors.

Be sure to watch the video for some great, funny, and “oh my gosh” kind of answers.  Special guest appearance by Melia!


And here is Joan’s list!


  • Not adequately preparing your executive for a trip
  • Gossip about your peers (or anyone else)
  • Take on too much work
  • Multi-task
  • Bring your bad attitude to work
  • Not be a team player
  • Withhold information from others
  • Be stagnant in your growth or education
  • Text or read messages while others are talking to you
  • Ignore signals that you are under too much stress
  • Intentionally not give your boss an important message
  • Spike your boss’s coffee



  • Give your best every day
  • Be patient with others
  • Care about your executive’s success
  • Take the initiative
  • Remind your executive of important meetings
  • Share your knowledge with your peers
  • Be a leader
  • Champion a cause
  • Make time for yourself
  • Make others look good
  • Listen to others when your opinions are different
  • Be organized and ready for your day
  • Gather a group of your peers for a mini training session
  • Let your executive know that you appreciate him or her
  • Give yourself a BIG pat on the back at the end of the day!


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