BIG Actions Will Move You Forward

It’s back to school time! Our team had a great morning sending their little ones off to school. It’s the first day of the new school year here in Las Vegas and I’m sure many of you are experiencing similar schedule changes as summer is winding down and the office is gearing up for year end. We also welcomed a new Star Achievement Series Level II class to our office this week to complete their training. It’s going to be a full week for everyone!

This week I have some questions for you! I want you to answer them (to yourself) as you go through today’s Motivator.

Live a BIG Life Versus a Busy Life

As I review my calendar I can’t help but gasp when I notice it’s nearly September. Where has all our time gone? I’ve been reviewing my “Year of BIG” plans and looking for ways to continue moving my BIG life forward with BIG actions. What about you? How do you feel about the year so far? If you could change something, what would it be? You might even need to ask yourself, are you actually moving forward or are you spinning your wheels? How has this year stacked up so far? Are you living a BIG life or a busy life? Sometimes the actions we take aren’t getting us anywhere and that might be an indicator for you that you’re leading a busy life versus a BIG life.

As you travel through the week ahead I am going to encourage you to take time throughout your day to assess your progress. Are you busy, but not getting anything done? Do you feel like you are going in circles? Think about a hamster and its toy wheel for a moment. The hamster runs around and around in that wheel and it thinks it is getting somewhere, but the hamster isn’t getting anywhere! That’s how I view people at work who aren’t taking BIG action. We go and go and go and think we are moving forward but we just go in circles that day. Some days, that’s just how things work out, yet, we don’t want that to become a daily occurrence.

It Won’t Always Go As Planned

Sure, there will be disruptions! Work (and our personal life) is always throwing situations at us where we must be adaptable, flexible and not married to our ideas about how the day is supposed to go.

Open your eyes to tasks you have been performing a certain way for a long time, that task or method might not be the best for the overall mission of your company any longer, perhaps something you do frequently has become “busy work”, that might not be the best fit for your talents or skills.

Your second challenge this week is to take a closer look at yourself – is there something about your daily work habits, attitude, dress, or behavior that you are married to that you really need to move away from? It’s hard to take that close look at ourselves and be objective about our own performance or image. However, you may be missing out on the best opportunities for your life or career by not doing so.

The competition has become fierce and we need to add value to our workplace and our own lives, daily. We also want to feel satisfied with our accomplishments. So what are you doing to take BIG action and move forward in the coming months of this BIG year?

Catch up on the “BIG Year” in Monday Motivators – every week has been archived for you here.

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