Love Your Career – Showing Up Fully and Completely

Have you ever watched American Idol? Believe it or not, I do watch it occasionally after the contestants have been narrowed to the top 12. I like hearing the judge’s different perspectives. Many times they disagree, but one thing I hear them often say, “You didn’t connect with the audience. You gave a great performance but you were in your own world.”

Since we are focused on loving your career this month, I want to end on the idea of showing up fully and completely in your profession and especially on a regular basis. If you are in the profession as your career of choice, it means you are fully engaged and see yourself as owning a profession in the Administrative arena. There is a big difference in a person’s performance when they completely and fully show up for their career, whether they are a real estate broker, webmaster, speaker, teacher, nurse, or doctor.

If we don’t embrace and love our careers, the following could happen:

You might miss something really important.

You miss the magic of what could make your work exciting.

Management notices and that will work for or against you.

You lose out because you are not fully living what you are destined to do.

You lose your momentum.

Stress levels increase, mistakes are made, rework occurs and that creates a spiral effect.

And we just don’t have any fun!

Career-Assistants are engaged in their career of choice. Therefore, they will be fully aware of their impact on their own success when they are fully engaged. Granted, there are days and even weeks when you just can’t physically, mentally, or emotionally 100% be engaged. That is because life happens and we are human. I’m talking about the big picture of your career. There is a difference between not having a good night’s sleep or not feeling well and so you aren’t mentally alert 8 hours the next day at work and just thinking you can slide by on your laurels at work.

How are we fully present?

Engage all our senses throughout the day.

Be a good listener, keep our mouths shut, open our minds, and be interested in what others say.

Seek mentors and take their advice.

Offer your great ideas and insights.

Let your strengths be visible. Play to your strengths as much as possible.

Challenge processes that don’t work and suggest new and better ways of approaching work.

Make a commitment to build strategic partnerships at work.

Take a break away from your job and replenish your energy.


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