Make This Week Your Best Week Ever!

Hello Monday Motivators!  I was very fortunate to host a webinar earlier this month with the amazing Adam Timm. Adam was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Los Angeles Police Department. He suffered for years with chronic tension headaches, ulcers and a bad attitude. He finally found a way out of his madness into a purposeful life.

Adam provided several useful tips for our webinar audience and I’d like to share some of them with you. These are tips and advice that really stood out for me. If you would like to view the entire one-hour webinar, check it out here on our blog. Adam also is going to be a speaker at our annual conference for administrative excellence this October.

To enhance our resilience, Adam said:

  • Use social support.  When we are facing a big challenge, obstacles or adversity, we tend to isolate ourselves. I agree. I have noticed that if I’m in slump over work, my health or personal life, I want to just be alone! I don’t feel like socializing, going out or chatting to people. But that is exactly the time we need to get out—be with people—talk—socialize—interact.
  • Have cognitive and emotional flexibility. Be flexible in your thinking. I perceive this as when things aren’t going as I want or life throws me a big curve-ball, I need to relax my thinking, be open, don’t fight the inevitable.
  • Embrace realistic optimism. We need to believe that we can be resilient. When you are having a rough day, tell yourself tomorrow will be better. If you are going through massive changes at your company, be optimistic that everything will work out for the best. And you will land on your feet. Be realistic, though, that you may go through some rough periods before you get there.
  • Have faith in yourself which ties in a little to #3. The twist is believing in yourself. Believe that you are able or will become equipped with what you need to know to move through the difficult time, whether in your personal or professional life. If we want to be proactively resilient, we need to look at all our strengths and blessings and use those every day.

Reasons why it is important to be resilient are so we can be:

  • Present
  • Alert
  • Clear

That certainly resonated with me and is of tremendous value. Do you agree?

Developing resiliency is vital in today’s craziness of work and personal life. I want to encourage you to consciously practice being resilient this week. It can turn the week into Your Best Week Ever!

Joan Burge

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