Is Mobile Tech Making You Uneasy At Work And Home?

Does work seep into your life, after hours and on the weekends? For many people under age 44, unfortunately, that is the case. And with this blurring of lines can come an unease at both the office and home.

There are a lot of reasons for this anxiety. Many of us feel an urgency to emails—that we can’t wait or put it off, that we must respond immediately. Very few of us wait very long to attend to electronic communication. Although the problem crosses genders, it seems to be more of an issue for men, as well as a bigger issue for those that are younger. Just a few percentage of people say that action isn’t nearly always required at once. We’re checking email after hours and on weekends, too. And nearly one-fourth of us in middle age are checking it while we’re supposed to be taking a vacation.

The blurring of lines, however, has meant that social media intrudes on what would be work time. Many of us check social media during meetings or other work obligations.

It’s a disruption that we haven’t quite figured out how to master, as this graphic demonstrates.

Does mobile tech make you uneasy at work and home?

You can find the research results, along with visuals, here:  Mobile Tech Survey Assets

Original Article: Does mobile tech make you uneasy at work and home?Infographic by Quill


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