Monday Motivator: Feasting On Achievement

Now that you have survived Halloween, we are on to the next holiday. Last year, around this time, I saw great article in my Training & Development magazine entitled Feast on Achievement. I thought this would be a good theme for November; a time when we will be feasting at Thanksgiving.

 feast on achievement

Today, I want to focus on what achievement means to you. Several times, I have read that human beings are designed for achievement. It is human nature to want to achieve things or feel a sense of achievement in our professional and personal lives. But what does achievement look like to you? What does it mean to you? How will you know when you arrived?


I really don’t believe that we “arrive.” I believe that we set a goal such as having a great relationship with a family member or getting a promotion at work and then strive to achieve it. Once we achieve it or maybe achieve several goals we have set, then we take a rest (or as I refer to it, we sit on a plateau). After we catch our breath and give ourselves a pat on the back, we set new goals and strive to achieve them.


As many of you know, I speak about the 5 Pillars of Life: Career, Family, Financial, Spiritual and Wellness. What do you want to achieve in each of those areas? Clearly define what you want and a target date. If you do not make “it” by the date you set, set a new date. Or, you may decide that goal, new house, career move, item, or relationship is not as important to you anymore.


This week, take some time and answer these questions:

1.   Career: What is one specific area or project I want to accomplish before year end?

2.   Family: (Remember, this Pillar includes friends, coworkers, and pets). At work, who do I need to get to know better? In what ways can I do that?

3.   Financial: What must I do to financially prepare for the holidays? Am I giving anyone at work a gift? What is a reasonable amount to spend?

4.   Spiritual: When can you set some time aside for yourself to relax or do something pleasant for yourself during the month of November?

5.   Wellness: How can you get more exercise or get your body moving to offset the extra food you will be feasting on at Thanksgiving?

Taking time to prepare helps us in the long run. Good luck!


Watch the video message: Feasting On Achievement


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