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Family Values, Goals, Priorities

A “work” family is similar to a “home life” family in many ways. Both families should have shared values, identify their top priorities, have common goals, and write a mission statement by which they live.

It is difficult to work with or live with people who do not have the same value system as you. For example, I value learning and education in the workplace and in my personal life. So if my staff wants to attend a special workshop or take a special class that will benefit them in their jobs, they know I will support them. In my personal life, I like to be around other women who like to learn, grow, experience new things, and look at life as an adventure.

While I am a serious, get-down-to-business person, I like to have fun… to laugh. So I incorporate fun into all my training programs and Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. I like to bring fun into the workplace and surprise my staff with things that make them laugh and lighten up and they do the same for me. I carry this value over to my home life as well. I have had many heartbreaks over the years (as you have, too) but I love to laugh, be with people, let my hair down and dance, hike with family, and have good, old-fashioned fun.

What are your values? Do you and everyone in your house share similar values? If you have young children, are you teaching them your values? Are you living your values?

A work family and home life family should have goals, plans, and set priorities. A very simple example is thinking about your weekend.  What are your “goals” for the weekend? What must you get done? What plans are included in your weekend—maybe plans to go to the beach with friends? But you probably have chores included in your weekend. So now, what are your top priorities? In other words, is it a priority to be with your kids and do something fun—or get the laundry done?

At work, you need to know the goals of your leader and department. Discuss plans with the appropriate people and set priorities every day. Values and goals can feed into each other. If you value wellness, then how do you fit that into your day at work? If you value success in your career pillar, then you have to have plans for achieving success. Does that make sense?

Every family should have a mission statement and vision statement, just as every organization has one. It will make your family feel connected at a deeper level. It will help with making decisions when you feel torn or having a difficult time making choices.

I’d like to encourage you this week to make time (at work and at home) to:

1.     Think about the values that are important to you.

2.     Are you living your values at work and at home?

3.     Does your at-home family share your values?

4.     Are your values connected to everything else you do in your free time?

5.     Sit your family members down and write a mission statement; make it fun!

6.     At work, do you understand the mission of your department and organization?

7.     Are you helping fulfill the mission?

8.     Prioritize what you want to accomplish this week?

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