Managing Your Executive’s Day

Learn the secrets to being an amazing assistant who "Wows!" executives!

Managing your executive’s day can be difficult. Do you find yourself running in circles around an executive who thinks outside the box, flows with the river and catches a curve? Does he ricochet around, fly by the seat of his pants or shoot from the hip? Does she make it happen by floating a raft of measures in spite of a show stopper?

It’s difficult to get work done while figuring out leaders. What are the best practices that executives want and need done? How can you ensure their day runs smoothly? What are the secrets to being an amazing assistant who “Wows!” executives?

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In this video series, you’ll learn how to:

  1. fully engage your work, perceptions, people-and-process management into a core of effective abilities and thought management.
  2. manage your leader’s work and life to impact the organization.
  3. easily handle the huge responsibility of follow up and follow through.

Session 1: How You Perceive Yourself 

How do you perceive yourself, and how do you perceive yourself working? In this in-depth video, Joan charts a course to discuss perceptions about the modern administrative role. An assistant’s role is far-reaching, going well beyond tasks or static activities. Important aspects are reducing your leader’s stress; keeping them on track and keeping it all flowing and going in the right direction. It means developing a sounding board relationship with your leader, using cognitive thinking, and being accountable for success.

Session 2: Time Management and Getting Control of Your Day

This is one of Joan’s favorite topics. What is your mindset on time? The mental part of managing goes beyond tools and software. As priorities shift and change we may discover ourselves handling “B” priorities instead of “A” priorities. We need to adapt priorities by stopping to assess when items need to be completed.  How much time remains that day? How do we avoid robotic work styles? How do we handle time robbers?

Session 3: Juggling Tasks

Do you believe multitasking makes you more efficient? Our brains cannot process two things at once using two sections of our brain. However, we can juggle many items concurrently. We have immediate focus and peripheral vision. Juggle tasks through a diversity of tasks. The top priority is to maintain your focus. Do tasks come before projects? Use your body language and physical actions and physical space to engage your focus.

Session 4: Prioritizing

Do you set priorities for yourself and your leader? We often struggle with conflicting priorities and deadlines. Learn how to prioritize better. “As soon as possible” is not a true deadline. Find out in this video what you should ask your leader instead. Hear Joan and Jasmine’s system for prioritizing, and learn how to discuss this with your leader. Learn Joan’s secret weapon to discover the impact of prioritizing your day.

Session 5: Travel Planning and Itinerary Preparation

What seat does your executive want on a plane? It makes a big difference! Don’t miss a single detail on your leader’s itinerary – watch this video! A great assistant is a cognitive being who thinks through every decision, every detail, and maps out the journey so that their leader isn’t exhausted by travel. Learn about layovers, cash needs, travel security, travel packs, best routes, concourse maps, and simplifying life on the road.

Session 6: Communicating with Your Executive

We all love technology, but what about Human Moments? How can these opportunities build rapport, relationships, and the people side of success? It’s important to know how and why we should create a window of communication with your leader. What time schedule does your leader work on and how does that affect your tomorrow? Learn about the importance of daily huddles to dialog with your leader. Gain a useful tool to create unity with your executive and reduce e-mails in the process.  After, all, there’s plenty to talk about!


Learn the secrets to being an amazing assistant who "Wows!" executives

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