Peer Synergy & You!

What Is Administrative Synergy?

The dictionary defines “synergy” as the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements and contributions. Today, Patriot’s Day, I can think of no better way to describe peer synergy than to bring to mind those brave individuals who banded together on 9/11 as Ground Zero First Responders or as passengers and crew of United Flight #93. Most of us will only experience a “garden variety” synergy day to day, rather than the heroic synergy we witnessed and heard about on 9/11.So let’s examine administrative synergy. In your workplace, how willing are you to interact and combine with others to produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of your individual element or contribution? Do you see others do that where you work? Is it part of your company’s culture?

Are you open-minded to the concept of peer synergy? If not, you really should be, because today’s business trends are incorporating strategies to leverage and build initiatives that value and support synergy among teams.

Building peer synergy as administrators and executive assistants is much more than only building synergy with your principal support or executive. It is building rapport, trust, reliability, and commitment to those you work with and around.

  • Do you follow through for other admins with what you say you’ll do? 
  • Are you “there” for other assistants on your team, to provide a helping hand?
  • Do you celebrate others’ successes, not just your own?
  • Do you share (whether tips, strategies, free product samples, etc.)?
  • Do you support your colleagues behind their backs or talk them down?
  • Are you fulfilled seeing admins grow in their skill sets?
  • Do you pitch in when there is an urgent need in the office, rather than pick up your bag and depart for the day?
  • Do you perform tasks (big or small) for the good of the office, such as keeping the printers filled with paper, changing ink cartridges, filling staplers, delivering mail, arranging food beautifully for a meeting?

Synergy is built by strong soft skills paired with respect because you value others.

Society tends to tell us that we need to build our own self-reliance, seek self-fulfillment, and foster highly competitive natures. It takes focus and concentration to build and enhance our skills in synergy so that we all win together. 

Synergy is not just good for the team. It’s good for you as an individual. 


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