Reality Check

Reality Check

Why Don’t Senior Assistants Share?

Hi! Joan Burge here with today’s Reality Check. This topic is one that I am asked about often and I have to address it. This question comes from assistants themselves. I also hear it from managers but mainly from assistants. The question is, “Why don’t senior level executive assistants share information? Why do they want to keep everything to themselves? Why do they not want to better the other assistants by sharing what they’ve learned and their successes with the other assistants?” And the reality is I don’t know why they don’t share! If you are one of those assistants you have a ton of information, rich background, wonderful experience, and full of knowledge.

The only thing I can think is because of insecurity to be honest. When you are secure within yourself and full of confidence, you won’t have to worry about some other assistant trying to come and “steal” your job. With that confidence you want to share, you want to mentor, coach, and want to support. So to be honest I don’t get it! It’s a negative to not want to share and give support. If you are one of those seasoned assistants DON’T BE STINGY! Pass that information on! Maybe you’re going to retire in the next five to six years and the young people coming up need to follow in your foot steps. Think about it, they’re going to be the one(s) to support your senior executives. There has to be somebody behind you. You may as well groom and mentor them and feel the benefit of this wonderful thing.

So, that’s it! Enjoy your dose of REALITY for today! Watch more from this series here.

Thank you!

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