Why Didn’t I Get a Raise This Year?

Reality Check

Why Didn’t I Get A Raise This Year?


Hi! Joan Burge here and welcome to this weeks’ Reality Check. As I’m looking through my notes, the question was asked; why didn’t I get a raise this year? She expressed that she was a really great assistant. She took on extra tasks and does a really good job. There are a couple of reasons that I will discuss with you now.

For one, it really might not be in the budget. The past few years have not been that great economically and there is still a struggle. Every day, I read in USA today about businesses closing. Borders just closed their entire chain of stores. Another company had to let go of 6500 jobs. One thing we have to look at is the REALITY that maybe the finances are just not there.

The next question is what did you do to WOW me? In other words, you’re earning a certain income to perform certain tasks and functions. If that’s what I’m actually paying you to do; why would I give you a raise on what I’m already paying you to do? You have to really wow your executive/manager and show the proof that this is what I’ve done this year to earn that raise. However, you have to realize that you still may not get it. I was just speaking with a person that I know very intimately; who worked really hard and didn’t receive the raise she was expecting.

I’m sorry. I really don’t have the answer to that. I do know that you have to work for it, earn it, and keep in mind that our current economic situation is not at its best. You really have to wow your manager. If you’ve worked for it and haven’t received it yet; I would definitely go to see your manager and ask what happened. Ask what it is they see that you don’t see?

The REALITY is you really have to go above and beyond today. Mediocre just doesn’t cut it. Not only do you have to show your executive what you’re made of but make it a point to show others as well what you’re really made of. Document it out. Have your facts and statistics and really spell it out. Remember, it’s all about the ROI (return of investment) and about what you can bring and so forth.

I’ve even heard some companies for two years in a row had to go on salary freezes; maybe your company is one of them. Just hang in there; it’s just business. The reality is its just business and maybe next year will be your year to get that raise!

So, that’s it! Enjoy your dose of REALITY for today!

Thank you!

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