Reality Check

Why Don't People Take Me Seriously?


Hi! Joan Burge here, we’re still in the conference room! As I explained before, I’m doing all these videos in one straight shot, to get them out to you. So since you see me in the same outfit, I was taping all of these on the same day. But, here’s the reality I want to talk to you about today; I’m always asked by assistants, ‘why am I not taken seriously by managers, other office staff, or even customers?’

One reason is because you don’t take YOURSELF seriously! You have to ask yourself, how do you act through out the day? Do you set healthy boundaries for other people? If you don’t set healthy boundaries, if you’re not assertive and let people know what you want and what you need to be successful, then their not going to take you seriously because you’re not serious.

If you come into work that day, on a lot of personal phone calls, chit-chatting by the water cooler, hanging around on your cell phone texting personal things, from management’s perspective, you’re not taking your job seriously. So why would they take you seriously?

Another thing, I’ve gone into work stations and have seen assistants with crochet blankets on their walls and desk. I see stuffed animals at their desk! Really, you’re at work, a place of business, what’s that about? So yes, having pictures of your family or maybe art work your child has done (you’re human and we want to see the personal side of you) but it comes down to WHAT you’re showing and displaying and HOW much?

How about your dress? Do you look like you’re going on a picnic? Well, I wouldn’t take you seriously to be quite honest. I know that’s a tough one with today’s casual dress rules but in REALITY, you’re still going to work. It’s still a place of business. The same applies when you’re going to training or conferences; you’re once again looking like you’re on a picnic in flip flops.

When you go to a conference, attend training or any other off-site that’s business related, think BUSINESS! If you want others to take you seriously, you’ve got to take yourself more seriously. Establish guidelines and parameters and don’t go back on them.

That’s it for today, thank you so much for watching this video! Watch more from this series here.

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