Recovering From Mistakes At Work

Help! A fellow administrative professional needs your help. Each month we share a question from our friends Business Management Daily, publishers of AdminPro Today newsletter. This month the question is about making mistakes at work. Are there mistakes that are just too hard to recover from
Are there some mistakes it’s just too hard to rebound from?


Question: “Last week at my new job I made an oversight when putting together a package of materials for my boss. It was the worst possible mistake to make and led to a ruined presentation, which in the end lost us some good business. I felt so miserable, I could barely get out of bed the next day. I think it will take me months to win back any kind of trust (my boss is not the most forgiving person). Is it ever better to just start over somewhere else rather than try to slowly erase a track record that’s gone wrong so soon?” – Cass, Documents Specialist
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We won’t ask you to share any mistakes at work but what advice would you give an assistant who feels they won’t recover from the mistakes they have made at work?


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