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I feel like I’m Wonder Woman! [Appreciation Letter]

Jasmine –

With April being Administrative Professionals Appreciation Month, I thought I would write a short note  thanking you, Joan and the Office Dynamics team for all you do in promoting and supporting administrative professionals around the world!

I can’t recall when exactly I started with Office Dynamics but it’s been quite a while.  One of the first books I purchased of Joan’s was “Become an Inner Circle Assistant” published in 2005.   In thumbing through my book, I see several sections highlighted, notes written in the margin, pages flipped over as a reminder of quotes/sayings I read and re-read – it is really a “used and read” resource.  What I remember with not only that book but also with “Who Took My Pen…Again” and “Underneath It All” is how encouraging, supportive, guiding, directing Joan has always been.   And now how much more supportive and encouraging Joan, you and the team are with the monthly webinars!  

I have always been an administrative professional, other than my time in the military/US Navy.  I continue to learn, grow and remain focused on my position and education and three years ago achieved my CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) certification through IAAP.  

The administrative professional field and the position has greatly changed over the years but the one thing that remains constant is Office Dynamics and the tools/resources/support you provide to administrative professionals around the world!  I so look forward, as well as my co-workers, to the monthly webinars, to getting information on the tools and resources available and more so, to hearing from you, to hearing the passion in your voices when you talk about this work, when you talk about encouraging and supporting administrative professionals.  Other companies do similar work but Joan, you and the team at Office Dynamics live what you do and really are there to encourage those in this field to do their best!  I

love what I do but what I love more is when I’m on an Office Dynamics webinar!  While on the webinar and after I feel invigorated, excited, challenged – like I’m Wonder Woman and can take on the world!  

I know I said this was going to be a short note, but I can’t seem to stop saying wonderful things about Joan, you and Office Dynamics.  

So during this month of appreciation, thank you, Joan, Jasmine and the Office Dynamics Team for all you do in promoting, developing and helping administrative professionals achieve, dream and succeed!  Best wishes to Office Dynamics for continued success and thank you for all you do for all administrative professionals!

Sue Kaplan Anderson, CAP



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