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Dear Monday Motivators,

I hope you enjoyed the last weekend of August. I’m sure many of you were involved in getting kids back to school, sending young adults off to college, or maybe enlisting yourself in some courses for fall.

This is the last piece I am writing under the Career Pillar and I wanted to share with you something special, important, and thought-provoking.  It actually is an excerpt from Who Took My Pen…Again? and is now included in the new 16th Edition of the Star Achievement Series®.

Please try to watch the video (Monday Motivators Getting People to Notice You) even if you have to wait until you get home as I’m providing great bonus information.

How we feel about showcasing our talents could truly be part of our DNA. Think of people you intimately know:

  • Who among them seems to be the outgoing take-charge sort of person?
  • Which one is the person who has no trouble walking into a room of strangers and easily engaging them in conversation?
  • Who among them likes to organize social events for your crowd?

Some people are naturally behind-the-scenes people. In today’s world, you need to do more and be more and others will need to leverage your skills and talents.

What can you do? Change your self-perception. In reality, you are of value and have talents worthy to showcase. If you are uncomfortable displaying your talents, you need to ask yourself why you think that.

  • Why do you think you are not worthy of bringing your talents forth?
  • Where did that thought come from?
  • Why have you embraced that thought and made it your own?
  • Does it serve you well now?
  • Are you willing to move beyond that thought and embrace who you truly are?

Once you have realized this and really gotten hold of this mental shift, you are ready to move forward to the tips on getting noticed.

(Excerpt from Who Took My Pen . . . Again? By Joan Burge, Jasmine Freeman and Nancy Fraze)


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