Take Time to Say Thank You

Today, I want to talk about taking time to express your gratitude to others, whether you personally know them or not. This has come to light for me because, in the past 2 weeks, Jasmine and I have received personal handwritten notes, little gifts, cards, letters and emails of gratitude from people whose lives we have touched and didn’t even know it. One note was especially touching as the woman told us about a horrible car accident she was in and the difficult time she went through in therapy learning how to walk, eat and talk again. Can you imagine? She went on to say that it was Monday Motivators and our webinars that started getting her brain in gear. Wow!

It means so much to me when someone takes time to write a note of gratitude. It makes me feel really good to know I have touched someone’s heart and soul. I, too, can think of many people who have influenced my life and they didn’t even know it until I wrote a thank you note.

Who are you grateful for? Who has helped you in your career or even just on a project? Think of the people at work who have been kind to you; have spoken up on your behalf; been your champion or friend. What about the people who help you get your job done such as in the mail room? What about the janitors in your building or the security guard? Do you ever tell them thank you? Words of gratitude go a long way plus giving thanks is very good for your health.

This week, please acknowledge at least 1 person a day for whom you are thankful. And write at least one thank-you note on a card in your handwriting. I can’t tell you how much it means to know that someone took time out of their busy schedule to write a note versus sending a quick email.

We don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to give thanks. It can be an everyday event.

Joan Burge

Founder and CEO

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