Costly Office Supply Management Discussion

In the case of the office supply management that Sula details below, is signage the answer or can this admin team come up with some additional solutions to the costly office supplies issue?

Question: “We’re having a real problem keeping office supply costs in check. When things are supplied for people free at work, they seem to get extra careless about their use, and the number of pens, sticky notes, plastic spoons, paper towels and cups we go through is staggering and expensive. Our admin team has been trying to come up with signs to place in the supply area and the kitchen reminding people that these costs add up. What could we possibly write that would have an effect?” – Sula, Document Creation Specialist

Please share your input in the comments below for Sula and other administrative teams who face this issue. What are your ways of cutting down the costs and being more effective with office supply management in your organization?

UPDATE: Adding this note I received from a reader regarding this discussion.

Sheila writes asking me to share the following resource she uses at her organization, called ROSE (Recycling Office Supply Exchange).

“I wanted to submit this e-mail announcement below in answer to the most recent blog question about the office supplies disappearing. Sometimes folks don’t necessarily steal, but they hoard!
This is a real budget saver. Train the admin assistants to check out the free spot first before ordering.” 

For more from Sheila about her ROSE system, see the comments below. There has been great discussion around this topic and we’re loving all your tips. Thanks for sharing.

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