The Revolution Has Begun: Conference for Administrative Excellence

Tonight at 6:00 pm Pacific Time, Office Dynamics will kick off our 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence tonight with our Welcome Reception at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We are excited to welcome more than 450 administrative professionals from 11 countries. This year’s conference theme is The Revolutionary Assistant.

So please excuse me for this short Monday Motivator. I’d like to encourage you, no matter your position at work, to be revolutionary.

Why? Because the world is changing at a rapid pace, you need to create opportunities for yourself (rather than wait for them to happen), be more influential, and minimize career risk.

If you are revolutionary, you will…

  • Take intelligent risks
  • Challenge your comfort zone
  • Engage in courageous conversations
  • Advocate for change and improvement
  • Seek innovative solutions
  • Leverage emerging technology
  • Step up to obstacles
  • Create opportunities

You might want to rate yourself in each of the areas on my list. When I say rate yourself, I don’t mean “yes” or “no.” A better way to rate is a percentage over a year’s time. What percentage of time over 12 months do you take intelligent risks? 5% 20% 70% or 0%  What percentage of time over 12 months do you seek innovative solutions at work? 50% or 2%  The idea is to up your percentages in each area. We will never be 100% of everything 100% of the time. But we can strive to be better in each area over 12 months.

Well, sorry I can’t give all my opening speech content away. But if you really want to hear what I said and hear our other fabulous speakers, you can purchase the Conference On Demand.

I wish you an amazing week. And look forward to catching up with you next Monday.


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