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Time Management Tips for Executive Assistants

I had a great day working with 20 talented executive assistants and executive secretaries in Columbus. Today we covered topics such as communications styles, establishing priorities, managing multiple managers, excelling at meeting preparation, facilitating meetings, and time management. It actually was time management that stirred good discussion as everyone is struggling with the volume of work to be done with fewer people. And we all agreed technology consumes a great deal of our time.

A few favorite time management tips were:

  1. Early in the day, confirm the day’s priorities with your executive as they may have changed since yesterday when you left the office.
  2. Many assistants write a to-do list.
  3. Set aside 15 minutes at the end of each day to prepare for tomorrow
  4. When supporting multiple managers, communicate, communicate, and communicate.
  5. Keep on task and do not stop for every instant message or email. Learn to set boundaries.

I will share my top time-saving tips with you another blog later this week so check back.




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