Peer Synergy

In this episode Joan explores the topic of peer power and strength in unity. When Adminologist’s get together and support each other, they will have far more impact than working independently.


Today’s topic is peer power, strength in unity. When Adminologist’s get together and support each other, they will have far more impact than working independently.

Past, Present, Future

What about the past, present and the future? Well in the past assistants worked pretty individually, assisting each other during crunch times, but we really didn’t get together as formal groups other than if you belonged to an administrative association.

What about the present? Peer power is about collaboration that is, specifically collaborating with every administrative professional in your organization regardless of their title. Also, if you have not viewed one of my earlier videos, I believe it to be video one, I spoke about the Adminologist, so if you haven’t done so, you may want to check that out.

Peer synergy happens when you decided to put aside differences and start to accept each other’s unique personalities and different ways of working. Taking and giving each other ideas and realizing that you are going to have strength in unity instead of trying to be out there on your own. It only takes one person to spark the idea of change, but it takes at least 10 people to implement that change.

Now for the future, Adminologist will rely on each other for knowledge sharing and best practices. I can see groups of Adminologist joining together to have a community of best practices or your own circle of influence.

Art, Science, Optimize


  • Build rapport with other Adminologist
  • Complement each other’s differences
  • Accept your unique personalities. *In fact, did you know that the best team would be a group where people are not all alike? Why, because they’re not similar in their thinking, so you want to have a group where you have different ideas and thought processes.
  • Be a catalyst for change in this profession! We need every one of us to gather together and gather your peers together to truly create change for a better future. Be open to the ideas from your peers.


  • Strategically map out plans about how you and your co-workers can truly make a difference in your company.
  • Support your peers when there is crunch time, be willing to jump in and offer your assistance.
  • Purposely make it a point to meet fellow Adminologist in your community.


  • Take the initiative to start this group in your organization. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an Adminology group, but maybe just a group of your fellow administrative professionals to join together. However, if we are thinking futuristically, we would use the word ‘Adminologist.’
  • Offer assistance BEFORE you’re asked. Again, I can’t stress this enough, always be looking for ways to build peer synergy and this is defiantly one. Be a champion/cheerleader for your peers.

Just remember, change starts with one, but there is POWER in ten.

That’s it for today, thank you so much for watching this video! Watch more from this series here.

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