Vote for Our Next Webinar Topic

Hello friends!

I’ve been tasked with the presentation of our next free webinar (September) from Joan and I need your help.

What should I talk about in that one-hour educational session?

What are you most interested in hearing from me?

I’ve been Joan’s strategic business partner for the past 9 years and I’ve had a lot of opportunity to grow through challenging my own comfort zones and always expecting the unexpected from Joan. I’ve also had the chance to be an early adopter of many of the social platforms, build, manage and maintain the Office Dynamics presence online and could talk about using social media to strengthen bonds, grow your network and build your administrative skill set. Lastly, I could host a panel of admin experts and invite my friends to take over the airwaves with me and put them on the spot with your questions.

What is of the most interest to you? Where can we bring you the most value? Please take the poll or comment below.


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