What is the Difference Between an Administrative Conference and Administrative Training?


With the plethora of offerings for administrative training and development, there is also a lot of confusion. People are throwing around terminology that can be confusing to the purchaser. I’d like to help you understand better so you can stop asking yourself “what is the difference between an administrative conference and administrative training?”

Something to remember is that typically if you want to dig deep into administrative training content and practice the skills you are learning, you usually get that in a training course or workshop. The smaller the class, the more attention you get from the trainer thus leading to longer-term behavior change. When choosing an administrative conference or training, choose wisely. I will write about this in another blog.

Administrative ConferenceAdministrative Training
Delivered live with audience in the same room (may be streamed or recordedDelivered live with an audience in the room (could be virtual)
All types of interaction with audience is possibleAll types of interaction with the audience are possible
Can have direct contact with presenters BUT not all of them because of too many participants or speakers don’t stay for entire eventDefinitely, have direct contact with facilitators because often the class size is small compared to a conference
Mid-level facilitationHigh-level facilitation by the presenter (Important the presenter is highly experienced to create behavior change)
Networking with 100 – 2,000Networking with a small intimate group
Teambuilding – depends on the conference host if they conduct any activities for this (Office Dynamics always conducts an educational, fun team building activity the first day of our event)Team building – the extent of opportunity to do this is up to the facilitator
Speakers – several speakers presentUsually, 1 or 2 facilitators present and facilitate
# of Attendees 100 – 2,000+True training classes are usually limited to 25 so the facilitator can give adequate attention to students.
Skill practice – someSkill practice – ample time to practice newly-learned skills. (With Office Dynamics administrative training classes, participants have lots of time to practice in the classroom. Our training is roll up your sleeves and drill down!)
Social – most conferences purposely set time for social and extracurricular activitiesMight include a welcome reception or dinner
General Sessions and Concurrent SessionsUsually, everyone is in one place/room. Might have some small break out groups or rooms
Usually higher end cost, but not alwaysCould be a higher end; normally affordable
Held in various cities and countriesHeld in various cities and countries
Usually comprehensive materialsParticipants SHOULD receive comprehensive materials
Exhibitors – usually, not allUsually no exhibitors

I hope this information helps you pursue your goals!


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