Administrative Assistant Competencies

A Professional Development Guide for Administrative Assistants

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

High expectations come from the outside world. The marketplace is competitive, especially in today’s economy. Organizations must be world-class to maintain their advantage and keep customers. Those high expectations are thrust upon the Board of Directors, the CEO, President . . . and continue to trickle down the organizational ladder.

Our Star-Performing Administrative Competencies Assessment will help you identify and measure key behaviors, attitudes, attributes, and values to ensure you’re a stand-out performer that gets noticed, advances, and experiences future success.  

Here’s What You Find Inside Our Star-Performing Administrative Assistant Competencies Assessment

19 core competencies a star-performing assistant displays.

An activity from our Star Achievement Series® that takes your answers to the assessment and what you personally know about your skills and attributes to help you build a mini-development plan.

How to set the foundation to grow into new areas and develop new skills.

The Benefits of Developing Administrative Assistant Skills and Competencies

Promotion consideration.

Aligning your performance development plans with your employer for greater role satisfaction.

Succession planning for rising stars to support their top executive team.

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Star-Performing Administrative Competencies Assessment

Elevate your administrative team's performance to new heights with our Star-Performing Administrative Competencies Assessment. This comprehensive evaluation tool is designed to help assistants, their executives, and the organization identify areas for growth and development. By understanding and improving upon key competencies, your administrative staff will be better equipped to drive success for the entire organization. Download now and start making a difference!

Administrative Assistant Reviews

When I stumbled on this assessment, I felt like I struck gold! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable insight for administrative assistants!

So thrilled to have discovered this valuable information and completing it was so much fun. This is such an empowering tool for administrative professionals.

Office Dynamics has helped me so much throughout the years in ways that have really transformed my career and I’m so grateful to have come across this tool as I continue on my path as a career assistant!

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