How To Work With Your Assistant

Maximize The Time And Talents Of Your Assistant Workshop

With the demands placed upon executives in today’s competitive business environment, a greater need exists for them to use the time and talents of their executive administrative assistant. A fully-utilized assistant helps facilitate the executive’s job, sets the tone of the office, is seen as the channel of communication, and can be a center of influence.

This 3-hour highly-specialized workshop is exclusively for managers and executives.

  • Discover how assistants who become an integral part of the management team make an even bigger impact on the bottom line.
  • Learn specific ways to strengthen assistant/executive partnership.
  • Achieve more in less time, with even better results.
  • Clarify the skill set and competencies today’s assistant needs to excel.
  • Identify tasks that should – and shouldn’t – be delegated to assistants.
  • Provide constructive criticism.
  • Build a business partnership.
  • Open the lines of communication with your assistant.

Program Topic Outline


  • Perceptions of an assistant’s role in the 21st Century
  • Perceptions of the assistant/executive strategic partnership
  • Perceptions of tasks: To do or not to do?
  • Administrative skillset/best practices
  • Assistants are the “center of influence”

Striving for synergy

  • Where are you and your administrator on the pyramid?
  • Moving from team to partnership: What does it mean? What qualities does it take? How can you build or improve an existing relationship?
  • Achieving a synergistic relationship


  • Available communication tools; when to IM, text, talk, or e-mail?
  • Communication styles and their impact on team productivity
  • Implementing daily huddles
  • Maximizing one-on-one time
  • Bringing your administrator up to speed
  • Verbalizing constructive observations

(OPTION: Online Video Conferencing) 

Call 800-STAR-139 for more information.

“We continue to receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback from everyone who attended the workshop and we thank you for sharing your knowledge in a way that was easily received, and very easy to learn and apply – the workshop was full of great insights and ideas!"

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