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Discover the Elite Training Program for Executive
and Administrative Assistants

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Outshine the Competition

Unceasing changes brought on by world events, a supersonic schedule, and constant fluctuations in who you support and how can make it extremely difficult to obtain job satisfaction. Without the right arsenal of skills to thrive in these paradigm shifts, demands can leave you feeling overworked, yet ineffectively utilized and unappreciated.

The best way to stand out is to see, be seen, build relationships, and contribute.
The Star Achievement Series® can do all of that and more for your career.

Series Takeaways at a Glance:

The Star Achievement Series® Program turns potential talent into demonstrable competence, resulting in administrative staff who are equipped to move beyond task work to higher-level functions within their job requirements. The resulting organizational benefit is increased productivity on both the managerial and administrative staff level.

Gain critical and strategic thinking skills

Maintain productivity and effectiveness

Crisis management and conflict resolution

And So Much More!

The Assistant Training Series
That Will Get You Noticed

Star Achievement Series

At some point in your career, you have come in contact with an assistant who exudes executive presence.
They stand out, are self-assured, and own the room when they walk in. You’ve likely asked yourself how they got to that point in their career.

The success, vision, decorum, and qualities of a future-focused assistant can be obtained through a powerful combination of attitude, skill, teamwork, and strategy – The Star Achievement Series®.

This elite training program for executive assistants and administrative professionals consists of Two Levels of learning with four Modules in each Level.

Two levels – 8 Modules


Level I will provide a rich, holistic overview to build and shape a strong foundation. Concepts and precepts are introduced in layers, with strategic thinking philosophies overlaid onto tasks, attitudes, values, and work ethics. A heavy emphasis is placed on confidence building, growth, communication and conflict resolution, with specific tools and steps so that participants can successfully navigate through office politics, down turns, personal fears and avoidance of growth initiatives.
Module 1: Be A Star Achiever™ (Attitude)
More Info
Module 2: Star-Achieving Techniques™ (Skill)
More Info
Module 3: Building A Star Partnership™ (Teamwork)
More Info
Module 4: Reaching Stardom™ (Strategy)
More Info

A person’s attitude is fragile and delicate. It can be easily broken by poor self-image, or it can become hard and cold. Attitudes are also susceptible to outside forces, such as family, co-workers and society. Yet attitudes are the foundation upon which our work performance, productivity, relationships and health are built. When people feel hurt, angry or put down, they cannot perform their jobs well. Therefore, it’s important to help them guard and protect positive attitudes – among their most important assets to success in the workplace.

  • Eggs and Attitudes™
  • Fighting Office Dragons
    • Three Awesome Dragons
    • Typical Ineffective Fighting Styles
    • Can You Change A Person’s Bad Attitude?
    • Weapons to Win
  • Overcoming Intimidation
    • Feeling Intimidated
    • Strategies for Overcoming Intimidation
    • Recognizing And Clarifying Fears
    • Steps To Conquering Fear
  • Leveraging Criticism
    • Criticism Can Hurt
    • Looking For The Lesson
  • Transcending Challenging Personality Styles
  • Maintaining A Star Attitude
    • Believe In Yourself
    • Commit To Goals
    • Stay Motivated
    • Stay Positive
    • Be Professional

Today’s office environment is busier than ever before; so knowing your strengths and areas for growth, along with upgrading core skills, is paramount in today’s fast-paced office. To be successful in the administrative profession and become a rising Star, you must embrace the idea that your core competencies are vital and all the core competencies must be brilliantly performed! Core business skills, such as communication and managing workflow, are keys to developing Star-Performing employees whose advanced skills add more value to the workplace.

  • Star Achievement: A Mindset For Stellar Performance
  • Foundation Skills: The Platform To Success
    • Growth And Success
    • Fortifying The Foundation
    • What Is a Competency?
    • Star-Performing Administrative Competencies
    • Cognitive-Being Territory
  • Strengthening Communication Skills
    • Cultivating Star-Like Communications
    • Your Personal Communication Style
    • Choose The Right Medium For The Greatest Impact
    • The Perils And Pitfalls Of E-mail
    • Social Networking
    • Preventing Technology From Dominating Your Life
  • Be Results-Driven
    • First: Kill Multitasking!
    • Coping With Conflicting Priorities
    • Deadlines and Personal Accountability
  • Your Future Begins today: Perpetual Skill Enhancement
    • Objectively Assess Yourself
    • Pursue Educational Opportunities
    • Become Well-Read
    • Learn From Co-Workers
    • Try Something New
    • Challenge Yourself

Building a star partnership takes commitment, open communication, and a desire to work in tandem. Leaders rely on administrative staff for everything from project follow-through to client satisfaction, from travel itineraries to budget meetings. Leaders know their effectiveness improves based on the assistant’s skill, knowledge and ability. Administrators and executive assistants depend on leaders to provide clear direction so they can meet objectives and expectations. By approaching the leader/support relationship as a business partnership you will gain more satisfaction from work.

  • Creating A Star Partnership
    • Stages Of Growth
    • Partnership Building Blocks
    • Do You Work For A Manager Or A Leader?
  • Communicating With Your Leader
    • Establishing “Commonness” Through Communication
    • Initiating Conversation
    • Importance Of Daily Huddles
    • Getting Better Information From Your Leader
    • Communication C3: Calm, Cool And Collected
  • Enabling Your Leader’s Success
  • Interpersonal Skills Give You The Edge
    • Be A Dynamic Liaison
  • Resolving Team Problems

Great skills, a positive attitude and strong team relationships are three keys to being a Star Achiever. There is a fourth component to reaching stardom – having a strategy for actualizing your professional self. It is your responsibility to set career goals, build networks and to reflect a professional image. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, when you might be equal in skills and attitudes to others, what will give you the competitive edge? What will make you stand out, shine and be different from “the pack”?

  • Actualizing Your Professional Goals
    • Consider Your Values
    • Believe In Yourself
    • Write A Plan
    • Capitalize On Resources
    • Staying On Your Journey
    • Recognizing Opportunities For Growth
  • Cultivating Business Relationships
    • Cultivating Business Relationships Via Social Networks
    • Nurturing Internal And External Networks
    • Showcasing Your Talents
  • Perceptions And Power: Your Professional Presence
    • Defining Professional Presence
    • Establishing Your Professional Brand
    • Credibility Enhancers
    • Understanding Casual Dress Rules


Level II builds and advances maturing competencies with emphasis on self-management, goal attainment (delayed gratification and self-discipline) and executing a plan for the development of lifelong growth patterns. Additional skill sets are introduced, and a higher level of leadership is taught so that participants are taken higher, into what it really means to become someone’s “right hand,” a trusted ambassador, a stellar communicator, and a “Radar-like” administrative professional who anticipates, is proactive and always presents a professional image to his or her best advantage.
Module 1: Be A Shining Star™ (Attitude)
More Info
Module 2: Give A Stellar Performance™ (Skill)
More Info
Module 3: Stellar Collaborator™ (Teamwork)
More Info
Module 4: Future-Focused Star Performer™ (Strategy)
More Info

The administrative professional’s role has become complex and increasingly demanding, as the emphasis has shifted to multifunctional, generalized performance. The administrative staff is being asked to do more work, fulfill broader organizational roles, support multiple managers, and still maintain high levels of quality. As a result, interpersonal skills and the ability to manage one’s thoughts and behaviors are imperative.

  • Learning Self-Management
    • Exploring Work Stressors
    • Evaluating Work Stressors
    • Top Nine Physical Stressors
    • Categories Of Stress Indicators
    • Unstress Yourself
  • Letting Off Steam Without Burning Others
    • Consensus-Building
    • Defining Conflict
    • Strategies For Consensus-Building
  • Creating Positive Self-Esteem
    • Defining Self-Esteem
    • Applying The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Ingredients Of A Healthy Work Spirit
    • 1st Ingredient: Changing Your Mental Outlook
    • 2nd Ingredient: Gaining A Full Sense Of Self
    • 3rd Ingredient: Becoming A Risk-Taker
    • 4th Ingredient: Be Courageous And Live Your Values
    • 5th Ingredient: Keep Yourself Competitive
  • The 5 Pillars: Lead Boldly And Live BIG
    • Lead Boldly In The 5 Pillars Of Life
    • Leading Boldly: Start With Your Mindset
    • The Foundation Competencies
    • Live BIG

You present yourself to others constantly. You make connections by telephone, e-mail and via social media. You send visual messages to individuals you approach. Every day you come in contact with many people: co-workers, customers, vendors and other professionals. Your personal presentation style and speaking ability will either enhance or detract from your message. Equally important is the ability to communicate your needs assertively, but not aggressively. Your ability to communicate clearly with others can be one of your best business assets.

  • Developing Personal Presentation Skills
    • The Presentation Puzzle
    • Questions to Ask Yourself
    • Gathering Information
    • Getting Your Writing Flowing
    • Making It Happen
    • Materials, Impactful Propos, Audio/Visual Equipment
    • The Rehearsal
    • Managing Stage Jitters
    • Delivering Your Presentation
    • The Workplace Is Your Platform
  • Communicate Assertively
    • Defining Assertiveness
    • Choosing When To Assert Yourself
  • The Power Of Persuasion
    • Principles of Persuasion
    • Persuading Your Leader
  • Be Solution-Driven
    • The Process Of Being Solution-Driven
    • Exercising Your Creative Muscle
    • Methods: Step, Brainstorm, Mind Map

Collaboration brings holistic energy. Instead of working in silos, which seems to be the case for many assistants, seek to work with your administrative peers. Doing so will make you well-rounded, full, universal, complete, all-inclusive, and whole. Instead of you trying to figure everything out on your own, wasting precious time and energy, you could be increasing your productivity and experiencing better outcomes. That should motivate you to increase your “hope quotient” by respecting the diversity of your team mates and leveraging the power of teaming together.

  • Beyond A Team Of Two
    • Teamwork And Collaboration
    • Creating A Cohesive Team
    • Peer Power: Finding Strength In Unity
    • Value Diversity
    • 6 Powerhouse Strategies For Creating Peer Power
    • Power Plays
    • Motivating Non-Team Members
  • The Power Of Collaboration
    • Collaboration vs. Teamwork
    • Disagreeing With Tact And Diplomacy
    • Fear And Collaboration
    • Enlarge Your Influence
    • Creativity And Collaboration

Thriving on change is critical to personal and professional success. Today’s Star-Performing professionals pay close attention to emerging work and cultural trends so they can prepare for success and remain relevant. Trends in office technology, workforce diversity, job pressure, virtual employment and high-quality requirements can and will impact productivity, effectiveness and the company’s bottom line. As organizations continue to experience change, they need administrative professionals who embrace the need for high-quality performance and efforts to streamline work.

  • Driving Forces Shaping Tomorrow
    • Preparing For The Future
  • Harness The Power Of Change
    • The Challenge Of Change
    • Why People Resist Change
    • Related Aspects Of Change
    • Optimizing Change
  • Keeping Yourself On The Road To Success
    • Science And The Stars
    • Owning Your Career
  • Living Through Leadership
    • Developing Leadership Skills
    • Living Through Leadership
    • Becoming A Supernova
    • Staying On The Cutting Edge

The Magic Formula

It is the unique combination of four components that make the Star Achievement program powerful and life-changing.


Achieving and sustaining a positive attitude about your employer, your co-workers, your clients, and yourself.


Developing new and enhancing current intangible skills that are vital to workplace success.


Being a part of and contributing to various team relationships, both internal and external to the organization.


Setting goals and cultivating enriching relationships to actualize your professional self.

The New Star Experience

Virtual Training Program For Assistants

For the first time since its inception, the philosophy-based content and competencies taught in the Star Achievement Series® are available to assistants around the world virtually!
Receive session-based training for available levels and modules with Star Achievement Series®
creator and master trainer, Joan Burge.

Class Dates

Seating is Limited. Resister Today!

Level/Sessions Level I/ Module 1 Level I/ Module 2 Level I/ Module 3 Level I/ Module 4
Date September 9, 2021 September 16, 2021 September 30, 2021 October 7, 2021
Level II/Sessions Level II/ Module 1 Level II/ Module 2 Level II/ Module 3 Level II/ Module 4
Date October 14, 2021 October 21, 2021 November 4, 2021 November 16, 2021
Class Times For All Sessions
Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
9:00am – 1:00pm 10:00am – 2:00pm 11:00am – 3:00pm 12:00 – 4:00pm

Virtual Training is now available

Our virtual training option brings the high-impact, high energy, and fun program components from our on-site training and allows you to attend from the comfort of your home or office.

Learn advanced business concepts, tools, and strategies to intuitively self-actualize, complement business objectives, and lead in the workplace. Training goes beyond traditional lecture format to include:






Course Materials & Content-Rich Training Resources for Assistants

What makes Star an invaluable program? It lasts for a lifetime. Along with the in-depth knowledge and expertise shared in each module, the Star Achievement Series® virtual training comes with eight modern, mobile-friendly, and flexibleto access workbooks.

Each workbook builds on the previous book, and Level I is a prerequisite to Level II. All the modules fit together like puzzle pieces. All the activities, assessments, discussions, round tables, and assignments work together to teach the critical competencies necessary to achieve organizational excellence.

Workbook Distribution For United States:
Star Achievement Series® workbooks will be mailed three weeks prior to the first class with instructions for the
pre-class assignments.

Workbook Distribution For Internationals:
Star Achievement Series® workbooks will be mailed four weeks prior to the first class with instructions for the
pre-class assignments.

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Course-Specific Benefits

Discover how the Star Achievement Series® learning objectives benefit career growth initiatives and organizational success.

0 %
Of talent development professionals seek out assistant resumes that list training and professional development programs, courses, certifications, and designations.
The top five soft skills companies are prioritizing in 2021 and beyond are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.
0 %
Of talent development professionals seek out leadership, communication, and management skill training when reviewing resumes for employment/promotion.

About The Star Achievement Series Certificate And Administrative Assistant Designation

By attending a minimum of 6 out of the 8 sessions participants will receive the official Star Achievement Series® Certificate of Completion from Office Dynamics International.

What is a CEAP Designation?

CEAP (Certified Executive Administrative Professional) is a curriculum-based designation awarded to individuals who attend a minimum of 6 out of the 8 sessions in Levels I & II, meet program objectives, actively participate in class, and complete the Star In Action™ essay. By adding the CEAP Certified designation initials, administrative and executive assistants will find more opportunities presented to them.

Reach Stardom!

Obtain The Star Achievement Series® Certificate And Administrative Assistant Designation From the Comfort of Your Home or Office.

Star Saver Pricing

$ 2,795

Limited to 25 Attendees

What past attendess said

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Corporate training options

Is your company looking to train its administrative team?
Star Achievement Series is a great solution and has been taught in many fortune 500 companies.


Elect to bring Star Achievement Series® creator and master trainer, Joan Burge, Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics International, or one of our highly-qualified trainers to your office.


Elect to have Star Achievement Series® creator and master trainer, Joan Burge, Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics International, train your administrative staff virtually.

Train The Trainer

Get trained by Joan Burge, and obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools to conduct dynamic administrative training sessions for your organization. This can be done virtually or in-person.

STAR clients

These are a few of the companies that have experienced years of success with the Star Achievement Series®. Call 800-STAR-139 and see what STAR can do for your company.

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

FAQ & Help

Most frequent questions and answers.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds and we cannot transfer an attendee to future dates. You may transfer your registration to another person within the same company.

Intellectual Property Rights: Video or audio recording of the scheduled event is strictly prohibited. All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by Office Dynamics International in connection with the event are expressly reserved, and any unauthorized duplication, publication, or distribution of any such recordings is prohibited. Office Dynamics International reserves the right, without penalty, to confiscate any recording device used in violation of this Agreement, and any improperly recorded or copied intellectual property.

The Star Achievement Series® workbooks and the information or other materials furnished for/during this course will not be used for purposes not related to training. Any other duplication, dissemination, use, sale or resale of said information or writings is prohibited and subject to prosecution.

Individual Use: Anyone wishing to attend the Star Achievement Series Virtual course must purchase their own registration. If an organization is interested group attendance, please call Melia Amira at Office Dynamics at 800-STAR-139. 

Governing Law: In the event of any litigation arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including, but not limited to, its enforcement, validity, interpretation, performance, termination, or breach thereof, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover against the other party, in addition to any available remedies at law or in equity, all costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and collection costs incurred thereby. The parties agree that the laws of the State of Nevada shall govern this Agreement and that the Circuit Court of Clark County shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the adjudication of this Agreement. If any term, condition or provision of this Agreement shall be declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement, other than such term, condition or provision, shall not be affected thereby and shall remain in full force and effect and shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Acknowledgment: Each registrant acknowledges that she/he has read and understands all terms of this Agreement, including, without limitation, the cancellation and substitution provision.

Photos/Video: By attending Office Dynamics International educational programs, you agree to photos, audio, and video taken for educational and/or marketing purposes.

This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements between the parties and represents the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

If an attendee misses a live class, they need to watch the recorded video of the class. Attendees who want to achieve their CEAP designation cannot miss more than two (2) live sessions. Recordings will be available within 24 hours after the live session ends.

One registration gives you single access for one person.

Each attendee will need to register separately. 

Anyone caught sharing  the course or information will be removed with no refunds. And you will not be able to obtain your CEAP designation. No exceptions.

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