Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) for Administrative & Executive Assistants

We can successfully train your administrative staff in today's challenging work environments. Don't allow your staff to fall behind.

Are your in-person training events on hold and are you concerned with how you will equip your administrative staff with the tools they need for today’s workplace?

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of virtual conferences, webinars, and training offered for administrative and executive assistants?

Do you need to cut the costs involved with bringing subject matter experts (SMEs)into your company for training?

Do you want to ensure your company gets a return on its investment for training its administrative staff virtually?

13 Benefits of Office Dynamics’
Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Spaced Learning Enhances On-the-job Application

VILT is typically delivered in shorter more frequent increments across multiple sessions. This drives skill improvement and allows for more immediate practical application.

Interactive Features Built into the Program Boost Engagement

Office Dynamics’ VILT solutions mimic live workshop interactivity using tools like polling, quizzes, role plays, skill practice, and breakout groups.

Knowledge Retention

Experiential/participant-centered learning yields typical retention rates of 75% - 80% which is much higher than lecture or viewing PowerPoint slides with a voice-over. This makes it one of the most effective choices for executive and administrative professional development.

Real-time, two-way audio and visual communication.

There is something to be said about seeing a person’s face, hearing their voice, and observing their body language. People still need the human connection with colleagues, especially when working from home.

Participants are guided to focus on what is most important.

When participants attend a live virtual class, the instructor can lead them to focus on what is most important.

Real-time assessment and coaching.

Our experienced instructors provide real-time feedback and coaching to participants thus increasing their chances of success.

Improved Technical Skills

Virtual training teaches other transferable skills. IT skills are one of the most important areas for administrative professionals to develop and these skills are practiced during a live virtual class.


Our virtual administrative and executive assistant classes, courses, series, and workshops offer the same energy and educational benefits as our in-person assistant training and brings employees together no matter where they are located.

Offers Employees Prep Time

With Office Dynamics’ lengthier courses, participants receive materials with assignments in advance of the live virtual class. This reduces the length of time in class, prepares participants for what they are going to learn, and gives them time to absorb the information.

Video Connectivity Replicates the Spontaneity of a Classroom

Learners are exposed to input from other participants and create a cooperative learning environment. VILT sessions typically feature smaller class sizes to keep learners alert because they know there is a greater probability that they will be called upon.

Builds Confidence

In a live virtual classroom, participants are up front and center stage. They must learn to “be on camera,” be articulate, focused, and present their professional brand. With the continuation of virtual meetings, events, and conferences, your employees need to present themselves confidently and with poise and professionalism.

Content is Fresh and Relevant

Whether you choose a customized or pre-crafted program because the training is live and in real-time, our instructors weave in concepts relevant to current trends and situations.

Cost Effective

While Office Dynamics has specialized in onsite training for more than 30 years, we realize that we don’t fit every budget or meet time constraints. Our VILT option allows your company to develop and elevate employee performance without the extra costs of in person.

We Don’t Disappoint

Discover What Makes Us an Elite Company with the Best Training Programs for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

What We Offer

Pre-crafted solutions ranging in topic and length or we can customize a course to meet your objectives.

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