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Our 60–minute webinars are a convenient, fast, and cost-effective way for administrative professionals to develop their skills.

Free Webinars for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Do you want to be a trailblazer at work and in your career?

Can you picture yourself being innovative and creating change?

Are you tired of sitting around and waiting for things to happen?

Is hearing “no” from your executive no longer acceptable to you?

Are you tired of others not seeing your profession as a Career of Choice?

Wouldn’t you love to wake up each day and be excited about your workday?

Are you hungry for growth? Are you ready to go after it?

Then be a part of our Trailblazers webinar tribe. Be a Trailblazer by participating in Office Dynamics’ free monthly webinars where we will unwrap new ways of doing things, how to be innovative, share best practices and resources, expand your mind, and challenge you to be the best. We will also be your support group.

Admins need a tribe, especially in our virtual or remote world. Assistants need to bounce ideas off each other and share best practices. Office Dynamics’ monthly webinar can be your “virtual meeting” place where you can do this. You will meet with like-minded, passionate assistants from around the world!

You will also learn from Joan Burge, the pioneer of the administrative training industry and administrative/executive coaching expert. Joan will also invite guest speakers who will enlighten and challenge you. Speakers who will meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be

Stand out! Join the Trailblazers by attending our monthly webinars. And it’s FREE!! If you can’t attend the live webinar, you will get the replay link. Also understand that if you can only hop on for 10 minutes, in those 10 minutes you might hear the very thing that will change your life!

Joan, we love your passion and consistent motivation! Thanks for sharing thought-provoking and meaningful content.

Tabitha G.

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This webinar is well-timed because I feel quite stagnant and do not how to get out of it.

Donna E.

Our webinars are popular amongst the administrative professional community for several reasons:

  • The webinar recording format allows you to begin, pause, and resume your administrative assistant training and developmental topics when it is convenient for you.
  • We provide easy access to past webinars and upcoming webinar dates.
  • Our webinars provide the ability to relax in the comfort of your office or home while learning directly from Joan Burge.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule:

Date Topic Cost
10/27/22 TBA Free

Webinar Replays:

Date Topic Cost
Watch The Replay Strategic Calendaring For Assistants, With Guest Tiffany Nguyen Free
Watch The Replay Amplify Your Career Free
Watch The Replay Standing Out from the Crowd: Secure Your Future Free
Watch The Replay Giving Constructive Feedback to Your Leader Free
Watch The Replay The Power of the Executive/EA Partnership Free
Watch The Replay Flip the Script: Be a Disruptor Free
Watch The Replay Celebrating International Women’s Day How to be a Strong, Courageous, and Influential Woman Free
Watch The Replay Create a Career You’ll Love With Guest Debbie Gross Free
Watch The Replay How to Be a Trailblazing Assistant Free
Watch The Replay Living Your BIG & BOLD Life Free
Watch The Replay The Future of Work and Making Yourself Indispensable Free
Watch The Replay Navigating A New World: The Top 11 Reset Skills for Assistants Free
Watch The Replay The 8 Dimensions of Self-Care Free
Watch The Replay Courageous Conversations for Assistants Free
Watch The Replay The Artful Orchestration of Your Career Free
Watch The Replay The Assertive Assistant: Leading Through Actions and Words Free
Watch the Replay Assistants Learning in a Modern World Free
Watch the Replay The Year of You! Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise Free
Watch the Replay Love Your Career Free
Watch the Replay 2021: The Year to Reset, Refocus, and Recenter Free
Watch the Replay Orchestrate Supporting Multiple Managers Free
Watch the Replay Future-Proofing Your Assistant Role Through Strategy-Based Efforts Free
Watch the Replay A Global Perspective of the Administrative Profession Free
Watch the Replay The Way We Work is Changing, Are You? with Joan Burge and Leni Miller Free
Watch the Replay The Executive Assistant as a Force Multiplier with Joan Burge and Hallie Warner Free
Watch the Replay What Happens Next Is up to You! Q&A Webinar with Joan Burge and Libby Moore Free
Watch the Replay How to Challenge Your Comfort Zone and Stretch Your Skills Free
Watch the Replay Assistants as the Center of Influence™ Free
Watch the Replay Understanding VUCA for Assistants Free
Watch the Replay Managing a Complex and Dynamic Office Through Communication Free
Watch the Replay Earn Your Place on the Executive Team Free
Watch the Replay Create Your Career Portfolio $39
Watch the Replay Integrating Work, Home & Your Personal Life $39
Watch the Replay Administrative Excellence: Must-Have Skills for Today’s Inner Circle Assistant $39
Watch the Replay Setting Healthy Boundaries In The Workplace $39

“It never fails to amaze me how with each webinar I’m continually learning – relearning – things relative to my job…I’ve been an EA for over 20 years and continue to always learn from Joan’s webinars! And I always am reinvigorated, re-enthused, re-energized, reminded of why I love what I do! Thank you!”

Susan K.

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